WSU Launches NTECH Lab to Innovate Home Health Technologies and Train Nurse Scientists

Health technology can help patients monitor and manage their health inside the home, which not only keeps them safe but can also provide economic benefits.

Washington State University’s Nurse Technology Enhanced Care at Home (NTECH) lab, spearheaded by nurse scientists Dr. Shelly Fritz, Catherine Van Son, Dr. Connie Nguyen-Truong, Dr. Marian Wilson, and Dr. Julie Postma, is at the forefront of testing and developing home health technologies designed to enhance the quality of life for adults living with chronic conditions. This innovative lab not only assesses off-the-shelf health innovations but also pioneers novel technologies for managing chronic illnesses in the home environment.

“Though we have organizations like Consumer Reports and AARP that test and evaluate products, there is currently no place you can go that provides information on health technologies from a nursing lens,” said Shelly Fritz, WSU associate professor of nursing and an expert in the use of smart technologies in healthcare delivery.

Additionally, the lab fills the critical gap in the U.S. by offering a nursing perspective on health technologies, providing a nursing seal of approval for products that meet their criteria. The NTECH lab also serves as a training hub for aspiring nurse scientists who wish to enter the health technology field, with the broader mission of increasing nursing expertise at the forefront of health technology design, ultimately transforming patient care and improving health outcomes.

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