Research & Scholarship

Research and Scholarship

Advancing nursing practice through scientific discovery

Nursing research improves lives and advances the nursing profession. Nursing scholarship uses knowledge to transform healthcare delivery and education, and patient outcomes. At the WSU College of Nursing we’re successful in landing funding support from public and private sources, and our nurse researchers and scholars are recognized experts in their fields.

Research Spotlight

Patricia Butterfield

Nurses are ideal ambassadors for climate action

Nurses worldwide should become more involved in actions aimed at reducing the health effects of climate change, according to an analysis published recently in The BMJ, a prestigious medical publication formerly called the British Medical Journal.

Targeted Research

Advancing Health Equity

We promote social justice and access to care among historically underserved communities and populations, in the United States and across the globe.

Healthcare Systems

We drive innovation in developing our future healthcare workforce through interprofessional education, new approaches in online and distant learning, and optimizing the APRN role.

Smart Health

Our scientists are leaders in the use of smart-health technologies to help manage chronic conditions in a residential setting.

Health Promotion& Risk Reduction

We seek to reduce illness and injury and promote wellness in specific areas, such as maternal/child health; the relationship between sleep and performance; environmental health and sustainability; and addictions and behavioral health.