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Students reach out to East Central agencies

Students use grants to help
East Central neighborhood

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Congratulations December grads!

Congratulations graduates!

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People + pets clinic helps all involved

People + pets = learning

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Celebrating 50 years of impact

50 Years of Impact

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Be the Change.

From the bedside to the boardroom, nurses are shaping healthcare.


With more than three million members, nurses represent the largest segment of healthcare in the U.S. This group has the voice, intellect, and vision to transform the future of healthcare delivery, nursing education, and leadership both in Washington state and abroad. We invite you to join us.

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  • image of a circle Dialogue circles help build bridges between nursing students and communities of color

    Three portraits

    Communication between a nurse and a patient carries assumptions and beliefs on both sides.

    When that nurse is a student and the “patient” is the leader of a racial or ethnic minority group, the barriers to effective communication can be high.

    Connie Kim Yen Nguyen-Truong, an assistant professor at the WSU College of Nursing in Vancouver, recently led an innovative communications process designed to help bridge those barriers. The teaching-learning strategy was co-authored by Michelle Closner, a PhD student at the WSU College of Nursing, and … » More …

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  • Nurses are an important voice on medications committees



    If nurses want a larger role in health care policy, they need to increase their numbers on boards and commissions. 

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  • student preparing hypodermic needle WSU nursing, pharmacy students vaccinate nearly 800 people

    Nearly 800 children and adults in Spokane County are protected against flu, chickenpox, measles, shingles and other illnesses thanks to students and faculty at Washington State University Health Sciences. 

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With campuses and classes in Eastern, Central, and Southwestern Washington, we understand the geography and needs of our state. Whether in urban or rural settings, we prepare nurses to be leaders and advocates for healthcare, patients, and the nursing profession.

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