Group of nursing students at vaccination clinic

Undergraduate Nursing Student Organizations

All Campuses

Nursing Technician Program

A nursing technician (NTEC) is a nursing student preparing for RN licensure who meets the qualifications for licensure under RCW 18.79.340.


Student Ambassador Program

The College of Nursing is committed to providing leadership opportunities and experiences for exceptional nursing students that enhance educational growth and career preparation. The Student Ambassador program offers students these opportunities and recognizes emerging nurse leaders at the college. Students are encouraged to apply to the program and get involved.

Critical Care Club

The purpose of the Critical Care club is to present and provide information to involved student members about opportunities and experiences in critical-care nursing. We want to foster a passion for critical care nursing and encourage furthering education across all aspects of this field.

Sigma Theta Tau – Delta Chi Chapter

WSU’s chapter of Sigma Theta Tau is the Delta Chi Chapter. This is a professional nursing group aimed at supporting those who are strong academically who are entering the workforce as a BSN student or graduate student.

Alpha Tau Delta – Alpha Sigma

Alpha Tau Delta’s Alpha Sigma Chapter is a professional Nursing Fraternity of collegiate members committed to providing and promoting personal growth and intellectual enrichment through leadership, educational and philanthropic opportunities, career networking, scholarships, grants, and mentoring to elevate the standards of nursing practice.


Associated Intercollegiate Nursing Students (AINS)

WSU College of Nursing Yakima students are encouraged to participate in the Associated Intercollegiate Nursing Students (AINS) organization. The program provides many services—free tutoring, social events, and more. Mary Gonzalez serves as the AINS advisor.

SIM Club

The SIM Club is a student-led organization for Yakima nursing students to explore the world of simulation and practice real life scenarios during simulation activities in a controlled environment. Monthly meetings provide students the opportunity to discuss ideas for additional simulation activities.


Crimson Scrubs

Crimson Scrubs is a registered student organization for all students interested in a healthcare profession or learning more about living a healthy lifestyle. Crimson Scrubs educates, promotes, and sponsors health awareness activities. The club receives funding from Associated Students WSU Tri-Cities (ASWSUTC) and advising from WSU Tri-Cities staff members. Contact Gina Cronrath for information.


Visit the Vancouver Student Ambassador Program webpage for information on this program.