Roschelle (Shelly) Fritz

Roschelle (Shelly) Fritz
Associate Professor, Vancouver 360-546-9623 VLIB 210E 14204 N.E. Salmon Creek Ave., Vancouver, WA 98686

Dr. Fritz’s CV

Dr. Shelly Fritz is a College of Nursing associate professor in Vancouver, Washington. Her nursing background is in hospital administration and governance (board level), public health, emergency nursing, and nursing education. Dr. Fritz’s research focuses on the application of technology in the delivery of healthcare and human-computer interactions. A major line of research inquiry is the use of smart homes with artificial intelligence capabilities to help older adults age in place. Her research is performed in the space between nursing and engineering and under the umbrella of a newly emerging field, gerontechnology. Dr. Fritz is primarily a qualitative researcher but she uses multiple methods of research design. She teaches in the RN-BSN, DNP, and PhD programs and serves on nursing and interdisciplinary technology-focused dissertation committees.

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  • Bachelor of Science Nursing, Walla Walla University, College Place, WA
  • Master’s of Science Nursing, Walden University, Minneapolis, MN
  • Doctor of Philosophy Nursing, Washington State University, Spokane, WA

Research Interests

Gerontechnology, Smart Homes, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Human Factors

Areas of Expertise

Population Health, Informatics, Technology, Nursing Education

Methodological Strengths

Mixed Methods in Big Data; Qualitative Descriptive


  • American Academy of Nurses
  • Council for Advancement of Nursing Science
  • Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science (2020-present)
  • American Nurses Association (2019-present)
  • International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (2017-2018)
  • International Society of Gerontechnology (2013-present)
  • Delta Chi Chapter-at-Large, Sigma Theta Tau International (2013-present)
  • Western Institute of Nursing (2013-present)
  • Washington State Public Health Association (previous)
  • American Public Health Association (previous)
  • Emergency Nurses of America (previous)

Honors & Awards

  • Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
  • 2019 – Faculty Excellence in Research Award, College of Nursing, WSU
  • 2018 – Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living Faculty Fellow
  • 2018 – Research Excellence Award, Delta Chi Chapter-at-Large, Sigma Theta Tau, International Nursing Honor Society
  • 2018 – Regional Geriatric Nursing Research Award for a New Researcher, Western Institute of Nursing
  • 2017 – Best Gerontology Research Presentation, Western Institute of Nursing Gerontological Special Interest Group
  • 2017 – 2020 WSU Honors Faculty Fellow. Re-appointed 2020
  • 2015 – Outstanding PhD Student, College of Nursing, WSU
  • 2012 – 2015 Integrative Graduate Education Research and Training (IGERT) Fellowship. National Science Foundation
  • 1992 – Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, School of Nursing, Walla Walla University


  • 2020 1Brilliant New Investigator Award – Council on the Advancement of Nursing Science
  • 2020 1Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing
  • 2019 Emerging Nurse Researcher/ Scholar Award – Sigma Theta Tau International
  • 2019 President’s Award – Friends of National Institute for Nursing Research
  • 2018 Faculty Excellence in Research Award – WSU College of Nursing
    1This nomination is currently being reviewed by the organization; announcements have not been made.

Funded Research

  • “A Clinician-in-the-loop Smart Home to Support Health Monitoring and Intervention for Chronic Conditions: Supplement to Focus on Alzheimer’s and/
    or Other Dementias” Diane Cook, PhD (PI), Maureen Schitter-Edgecombe, PhD (PI), Roschelle Fritz, PhD (PI). NIH/NINR. Award No. R01NR016732Supp. $366,710. Nursing Research Grant, 2020-2021, recruiting.
  • “Homemade Respirator Masks in a Pandemic.” Roschelle Fritz (PI), Marian Wilson (PI), Shawn Brow (PI). Funded by WSU- Vancouver Office of Research. $8k. 2020-2021. Mask Construction Guidelines
  • “Discovering the influence of culture on health-assistive smart home adoption by Asian immigrant older adults for infusion in artificial intelligence: Community-engaged research.” Connie Nguyen-Truong, PhD (PI) and Roschelle Fritz, PhD (PI). $4,000 (internal direct), Washington State University Vancouver Mini-grant, 2018-2019, completed.
  • “Influence of Culture on Adoption of Smart Home Monitoring for Health Assistance by Asian American Adults and Older Adults. Connie Nguyen-Truong, PhD (PI) and Roschelle Fritz, PhD (PI). STTI Beta Psi Chapter Award. $2,000 (external direct), Nursing Research Grant, 2017-2018, completed.
  • “A Clinician-in-the-loop Smart Home Technology to Support Heath Monitoring and Intervention for Chronic Conditions.” Diane Cook, PhD (PI), Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, PhD (PI), Roschelle Fritz, PhD (PI). NIH/NINR. Award No. R01NR016732. $1.77M. Nursing Research Grant, 2017-2022, data collection phase.
  • “Development of an Online Course Suite in Tools for Analysis of Sensor-Based Behavioral Health Data (AHA!).” Diane Cook, PhD (PI); Roschelle Fritz, PhD (Co-I), Anantharaman Kalyanaraman, PhD (Co-I), Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, PhD, Gina Sprint, PhD (Co-I). NIH. Award No. R25EB024327. $911,651. Training Grant, 2017-2020, dissemination phase.
  • “RFP Vancouver Campus Infrastructure.” Xuechen Zhang, PhD (PI); Alexander Dimitrov, PhD (Co-I), Roschelle Fritz, PhD (Co-I), Kevan Moffett, PhD (Co-I), Leslie New, PhD (Co-I), Nikolay Strigul, PhD (Co-I), Scott Wallace, PhD (Co-I), Xinghui Zhao, PhD (Co-I). Washington State University Vancouver Internal. $70,000. Infrastructure Grant, 2017- 2021, completed.
  • “Smart home technology to support healthy aging: Adding a clinician in-the-loop.” Roschelle Fritz, PHD (PI). WSU Vancouver Mini-grant, 2016 – 2017, $4,800, completed
  • Lindblad Foundation. Roschelle Fritz (PI). Smart home technology development for the care of older adults. Telehealth. $17,000. 2017 – 2022, data collection phase.
  • Maryville Nursing Home, Sisters of St. Mary, and Touchmark Foundation. Roschelle Fritz, PhD (PI). Sensor detected motion patterns in advance dementia, 2017, completed.
  • Washington State University Vancouver External Mentoring Program. Roschelle Fritz, PhD (PI), Mentor: Diane Cook, PhD College of Computer Science and Engineering, Pullman. Washington State University Vancouver Office of Research, $3,810, 2015 – 2016, completed.
  • Touchmark Foundation, Clinician-in-the-Loop of the Health-Assistance Smart Home’s Machine Reasoning. Roschelle Fritz, PhD (PI), Diane Cook, PhD (PI), Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe (PI), PhD. $80,000. 2016 – 2022, data collection phase.


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