Faculty member presenting to CE students

Continuing Education

Continuing education (CE) for registered nurses in Washington

The Professional Development office provides regular, relevant continuing education (CE) for registered nurses in Washington. Click through course offerings below for CE opportunities and for nurses needing to meet Washington state licensing requirements.

School Nursing: Preparation for Initial Certification

This course is designed for a nurse with a BSN who wishes to prepare for certification as a school nurse. Topics will include the role of the school nurse, schools and society, growth and development, learning strategies, school law, and the legal and professional responsibilities of the ESA-prepared school nurse. This hybrid course will incorporate independent study and classroom instruction.  Independent study course materials are to be completed and submitted to the faculty prior to the dates of classroom instruction for evaluation. Classroom instruction is offered in-person and virtually.

Cost: $450

Nurse Refresher Course

This course meets the states of Washington and Alaska requirements for re-entry into practice for nurses who have allowed their license to lapse or become inactive for longer than 3 years and/or are required by the state board of nursing. This course is also for nurses who have an active license, wishing to return to a clinical position and would like a review of nursing theory and the opportunity to practice and refresh their nursing skills.

Total cost for all 3 sections is $3,600

Personal and Vocational Relationships

This 15-hour self-directed course provides the nurse who has been educated as a practical nurse outside of the United States, in another state, or recommended by the Department of Health the opportunity to meet the State of Washington requirement related to Personal and Vocational Relationships.

Cost: $150

Tobacco Cessation Counseling

The goal of this program is to help health professionals be engaged in actively helping tobacco users to quit. Learn more about Tobacco Cessation Counseling.

For more information about tobacco cessation training, contact:
Kawkab Shishani
Associate Professor
WSU College of Nursing