Cougar sculpture on Spokane campus

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


The Washington State University College of Nursing delivers excellent academic programs and engages in research and service in partnership with educational institutions and community stakeholders. Nursing and interprofessional education are delivered locally and globally to advance nursing science, education, and practice to enhance health and quality of life. The college functions as an integrated multi-campus system. Working across campuses, educational, research, and service initiatives strengthen the assets of each campus as well as the college as a whole.


The Washington State University College of Nursing will be recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare now and for future generations.


The Washington State University College of Nursing embraces the core values of integrity, caring, altruism, social justice, and maximizing health potential. To realize these values, the college embraces diversity and equity, inquiry and scholarship, engagement and application, community partnerships, leadership, and stewardship.


  • Create an inclusive environment that reflects the mission, vision, and values of the college.
  • Develop and implement high quality, innovative undergraduate and graduate education.
  • Promote nursing and interprofessional research and evidence-based practice.
  • Provide leadership in the transformation of healthcare.

The College of Nursing is committed to supporting a diverse community of faculty, staff, and students. We seek individuals who have a strong desire to leave a legacy of improving the health of our Washington communities.

In particular, we are looking for individuals who…

  • Have leadership in academic or professional realms, indicating a potential for success.
  • Have the potential to contribute, enhance, and support the College of Nursing’s mission and supports a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment.

We evaluate student applications for admission using a holistic review process. Finalist applicants are also provided an opportunity to share additional details about themselves and what they would offer to their cohort and the future of nursing. Before reaching an admissions decision, trained faculty reviewers examine these finalist experiences, without access to any other metrics of the applicant. 

Admission to the College of Nursing is a competitive process. However, we know that students come from different backgrounds and experiences. We welcome the benefits that a diverse student body brings not only to the college but ultimately to the profession of nursing. That’s why we look at each individual applicant as just that — an individual.