WSU Professor joins social insurance advisory group

Professor Jae Kennedy joins social insurance advisory group

SPOKANE, Wash. – Jae Kennedy, a professor of Health Policy and Administration at Washington State University Spokane, has accepted membership into the National Academy of Social Insurance, which contributes research and expertise to the policymaking process for Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, worker’s compensation and other social insurance programs.

“I have spent my entire career working in the disability policy arena, and am very honored to be recognized by the Academy for my research and advocacy efforts,” Kennedy said. “Particularly as Congress considers major changes to our social insurance systems, it is important to have objective, nonpartisan and scientific analyses available to policymakers.”

The 30-year-old Academy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose membership is made up of more than 900 experts on social insurance who volunteer their time. Based in Washington, D.C., affiliations include universities, think tanks, business, labor, legislative and executive branches of government and interest groups. Members include policy analysts in income security and health care financing, economists, political scientists, physicians, actuaries, administrators of public and private benefit programs, social workers, sociologists, historians, journalists, scholars and practitioners in related fields.

Kennedy was one of 59 experts invited to join NASI this year. Others invited from academia are from Virginia Tech, University of Wyoming, John Hopkins University, George Mason University, American University, University of Michigan, Washington University, University of Virginia, Portland State University, and Princeton University. Read the news release from the NASI:


Jae Kennedy, professor and chair, Health Policy & Administration, Washington State University Spokane, 509-368-6971,