WSU College of Nursing Celebrates DNP Student Scholarship Award for Substance Use Disorder Research

Soura Mustapha receives Rayce Rudeen Foundation Award

The Washington State University College of Nursing is delighted to announce that Soura Mustapha, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student, has been awarded the Rayce Rudeen Foundation scholarship. This award recognizes her work on substance use disorder (SUD), specifically through her project: DAST-10 Identification and Treatment of Substance Use Disorder at the Heartland Medicine Colville Clinic, Colville, WA, with Dr. Bacon and the Hope Street Project. Mustapha’s dedication to addressing the increase in substance-related overdoses in our communities reflects the college’s commitment to innovative healthcare solutions.

Mustapha’s project was focused on the screening and referral process for SUD within rural healthcare settings. Her project aligns with the college’s vision of improving health access and treatment across diverse populations and will improve the understanding and implementation of SUD identification protocols and effectively distribute Naloxone by healthcare staff. The expertise developed during this project will be expanded as Soura pursues her career as a nurse practitioner with a focus on SUD treatment and patient care.

The College celebrates Soura Mustapha’s achievements and her passion for improved outcomes for rural communities and the ongoing support provided by the Rayce Rudeen Foundation. Their continued contributions to the college’s research and scholarship mission creates positive change in our communities across the state and improved healthcare for those facing addiction and substance use. Together, we are improving the lives of Washington residents and introducing innovative solutions for some of our most pressing healthcare challenges.

About the Rayce Rudeen Foundation

The Rayce Rudeen Foundation was established in memory of Kent-Edward Rayce Rudeen, who tragically lost his life to an accidental overdose in 2016. Based in Spokane, Washington, the Foundation supports organizations and initiatives that promote a life free from addiction, reflecting Rayce’s compassionate spirit and dedication to helping others. Through its scholarship fund and various outreach programs, the foundation continues to impact lives and communities across the nation. For more information and to contribute to this cause, please visit the project’s website, which now proudly acknowledges the support of the Rayce Rudeen Foundation on its website: