Rayce Rudeen Foundation Awards Scholarship to Elizabeth Feustel for Nursing Substance Use Fight

Elizabeth Feustel, BSN, MHP, RN, Rayce Rudeen Foundation scholarship recipient.

The Rayce Rudeen Foundation, known for its commitment to fostering a healthy and productive life free from addiction and substance abuse, is proud to announce Elizabeth Feustel, BSN, MHP, RN, as the recipient of a $1,500 award. This award aims to support Feustel’s groundbreaking work in advancing substance use recovery access and research within the nursing community.

Feustel expressed her excitement and gratitude for the recognition and financial support. She emphasized that the award not only provides monetary assistance but also validates the critical importance of her work in addressing substance use among nurses. Feustel is dedicated to generating evidence-based research and developing interventions that offer hope and help to those in the shadows of addiction.

Nurses facing challenges with alcohol or substance use often suffer in silence due to the stigma and fear of professional repercussions. This lack of visibility and support exacerbates the issue, hindering effective disease management and compromising patient safety. Feustel’s project aims to dismantle these barriers through the creation of voluntary, anonymous peer support programs and partnerships with key nursing associations. Moreover, the recent position paper by The American Academy of Nursing, highlighting the inequitable treatment of nurses with substance use disorders, underscores the urgency of Feustel’s mission.

The funding from the Rayce Rudeen Foundation will enable Feustel to enhance her project’s online presence (https://www.cascade-nursing-peer.com), collaborate with web developers for site improvement, attain a secure email address, and increase site visibility. These steps are crucial for expanding the reach of her initiative.

In awarding Elizabeth Feustel with this scholarship, the Rayce Rudeen Foundation honors the memory of Kent-Edward Rayce Rudeen. Rayce’s legacy lives on through the foundation’s support of individuals and programs dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those affected by addiction and substance abuse.

About the Rayce Rudeen Foundation

The Rayce Rudeen Foundation was established in memory of Kent-Edward Rayce Rudeen, who tragically lost his life to an accidental overdose in 2016. Based in Spokane, Washington, the Foundation supports organizations and initiatives that promote a life free from addiction, reflecting Rayce’s compassionate spirit and dedication to helping others. Through its scholarship fund and various outreach programs, the foundation continues to impact lives and communities across the nation. For more information and to contribute to this cause, please visit the Rayce Rudeen Foundation at https://raycerudeen.org/.