WSU Library Offers Black History Month Resources

Bookstore or library featuring black history themed works. AI generated.

Washington State University Libraries provide a rich array of online resources and selections from a juvenile book collection for those interested in exploring Black history, not only during February but throughout the year. Here are some examples:

  • University Archivist Mark O’English recommends various materials, including the Black Oral History Collection and the Civil Rights Oral History Collection, shedding light on African American pioneers and the civil rights movement’s intersection with Spokane.
  • The WSU Student Unrest Collection and South by Northwest videos focus on campus activism and the stories of African American pioneers in the Northwest.
  • The addition of the Los Angeles Sentinel’s digital archives enhances research on race relations and the African American experience.
  • Humanities Librarian Erin Hvizdak emphasizes newspapers as valuable primary sources, while Lorena O’English suggests the African American Experience: The American Mosaic, a digital library offering historical and recent resources.
  • The Owen Science and Engineering Library’s juvenile collection includes titles like “We’ve Got a Job” and “Lifting as We Climb,” offering younger audiences insights into the civil rights movement and Black women’s struggle for voting rights.

The library aims to ensure younger generations are well-informed about the ongoing fight for equality under the law.

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