Fall 2023 College of Nursing Student Excellence Awards

Fall 2023 Student Excellence Awards

In the spirit of acknowledging exceptional achievements within the nursing community, the College of Nursing proudly recognized outstanding students through the 2023 Student Excellence Awards. These coveted awards were bestowed upon deserving nominees whose dedication, leadership, and contributions stood as shining examples within the WSU College of Nursing.

BSN Clinical Excellence:
Nallely Acosta, Tri-Cities, WA

Acosta’s nominator commended, “Nallely has been on time and displaying values of WSU at each clinical day. Clinical coursework on time and beyond expectations.” Her commitment to excellence in patient care has set a standard for her peers.

Haven Rainer

Outstanding Pre-licensure BSN Student:
Haven Rainer, Spokane, WA

Haven Rainer was recognized for her multifaceted contributions. Her nominator proudly declared, “Haven excels in every aspect! She is a peer mentor, top of our class, a volunteer for WSU, and a nurse technician. Completing her thesis defense on November 3rd, she has truly raised the bar for aspiring nurses.” Haven’s achievements painted a picture of dedication and leadership that extended beyond academic accomplishments.

Outstanding MN Student:
Sharon Walsh, Vancouver, WA

Sharon Walsh’s dedication to her MN project reverberated through the testimonies of those who have worked with her. A nominator expressed, “The project she is doing in 702 is impactful. Sharon is not only well-versed in translating evidence into practice but also in how the work will enhance clinical skills of nurses at the VA hospital now and in the future.”

Dr. Sheila Hurst, Sharon’s faculty advisor, added, “Sharon is focused, motivated, and her passion for her MN project is clearly evident. Sharon’s project was not just a requirement; it was a meaningful contribution with practical applications in the field.”

Outstanding PhD Student:
Katherine Wuestney, Seattle, WA

Katherine Wuestney’s achievements were nothing short of extraordinary. Her outstanding scholarship was highlighted by her groundbreaking dissertation, which integrated nursing with computer science, psychology, and mathematics. Her nominator emphasized that she had a “complex and sophisticated” dissertation and ” demonstrated exceptional organization and professional comportment while working on an NINR funded research project involving 3 disciplines (computer science, psychology, nursing), 4 campuses, and 5 community partners.”

Beyond her academic prowess, Wuestney’s exemplary professional behavior and leadership qualities shine. From co-authoring numerous publications to providing leadership to the community, she demonstrated a rare combination of expertise and a commitment to service.

Each awarded nominee has not only exemplified excellence but has also contributed to the tapestry of the nursing community with passion and purpose. As these exceptional students carry forward the torch of knowledge and compassion, their recognition serves as a testament to the high standards and aspirations of the WSU College of Nursing. The impact of their achievements will undoubtedly be felt across the healthcare landscape, reinforcing the college’s commitment to producing not just practitioners, but leaders and trailblazers in the field of nursing.