Empowering Nursing Professionals: Moe Carrick’s Transformative Presentation at WSU College of Nursing

Moe Carrick presenting "Bouncing Back. Or Not?" at WSU College of Nursing.
Moe Carrick presenting "Bouncing Back. Or Not?" at WSU College of Nursing.

While not herself a nurse, Moe Carrick comes from a long line of dedicated nurses and understands the difficulty of devoting your life to others, whether that is in healthcare or other demanding industries. Carrick focuses her work on creating organizations that are human-centric, ones that rely on both individual holistic health and healthy teams. Through her organization, Moementum, Carrick has developed tools and techniques to create and maintain highly functioning and happy teams. These tools include the “7 Things People Need from Work”, the SHELTER model of self-care, the Bravespace Workspace, and how to develop emotional intelligence in the workplace. In this talk, Carrick invited attendees to share in their struggles of caring for others, what motivates them to continue to care give, and how all levels of a healthcare team contribute to a thriving organization. 

Carrick’s presentation workshop titled “Bouncing Back? Or Not.” was tailored to healthcare professionals and illuminated the toll that recent years, compounded by the global pandemic and its ensuing challenges, have taken on the well-being of nurses and caregivers. The workshop offered nursing professionals a vital space for connection, learning, and inspiration.

Carrick brought a unique perspective to the challenges faced by healthcare professionals today. The presentation resonated with attendees, delving into the intricacies of addressing burnout, managing overwhelm, and mitigating stress – afflictions that have become all too familiar in the demanding healthcare sector.

At the heart of Carrick’s presentation was the transformative SHELTER Model, a roadmap to personal recovery and resilience. The acronym encompassed essential pillars: Sleep, Hydrate, Eat, Love, Take in Air, Exercise, and Rest.

Carrick underscored the significance of each component in nurturing one’s physical and mental well-being, emphasizing that by prioritizing these facets, nurses could build a foundation of strength to weather the challenges of their profession.

Another significant contributions to the healthcare sector is Carrick’s concept of “BraveSpace workplaces,” as articulated in her book, “Bravespace Workplace: Making Your Company Fit for Human Life.” Carrick challenges companies to be courageous enough to prioritize the well-being of their employees, elevate their leadership practices, and cultivate cultures that inspire and support the best in their staff. This concept serves as a rallying call for organizations to reimagine the workplace as a space where individuals can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

As the workshop drew to a close, attendees were left empowered with actionable strategies to transform not only their professional lives but also their personal lives, radiating lightness and joy to their families and communities. Carrick’s call to action reverberated throughout the audience: the world needs dedicated healthcare professionals, and by fostering resilience and well-being, nurses can pave a new and positive path forward.