MN/DNP New Student Requirements

Below is a list of MN and DNP student requirements for newly admitted students. Please contact Tami Kelley if you have questions about any of the requirements.

WSU requires proof of COVID vaccination for students system-wide with limited exemptions for medical or religious reasons. If an exemption is approved, the student can participate in educational activities within WSU so long as they follow all health and safety requirements (e.g., masking, social distancing, etc.) subject to their accommodation. However, even with an approved exemption/accommodation from WSU, students may still need to obtain approval from a clinical training site to engage in a clinical experience at that site per the Governor’s and Department of Health Mandate.  Clinical training sites may deny an unvaccinated student’s request for an exemption, which may impact their progression in the program.  Clinical training sites that have approved exemptions previously may discontinue exemptions in the future at their own will.


The E*Value system to manage graduate students’ clinical experience is under revision/construction. Please check back after you receive advisement from the College of Nursing Graduate Student staff on the new data management system training.