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Washington State University

Welcome from the Director

Anne Mason

Dr. Anne Mason
DNP Program Director

Welcome,  Graduate Student!

Congratulations on your decision to enroll in the graduate program at WSU! Graduate education has the potential to transform your thinking, your perspective, your nursing practice, and your life. We are committed to helping you be successful in meeting the responsibilities of this major commitment.

Our website offers much of the information you will need to ensure your success. Please take time to review the information that is provided there and in the Graduate School Policies and Procedures Manual.

Doing your best in any endeavor requires that you find your passion and keep it alive. Plan now to make the most of your education by making necessary changes in your work schedule, altering your daily routine, and balancing the hard work with activities that you enjoy and that will help relieve the stress and fatigue you may experience. Be fully engaged in the experience!

Thank you for choosing WSU. We look forward to meeting you at orientation in August and to helping you to advance your education and your career. Please contact the Graduate Programs Office at 509-324-7334 if you need help with any aspect of your return to school.

Best wishes,

Anne Mason
Director, DNP Program

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Tami Kelley
Tami Kelley
Graduate Program Coordinator