WSU College of Nursing Outstanding Assessment of Student Learning Award

WSU College of Nursing was highlighted as one of nine Bachelor’s-degree programs for providing outstanding assessment of student learning.

“These nine degree programs represent diverse academic disciplines, and they are to be commended for sharing a commitment to providing high-quality education to our students.”

WSU Provost and Executive Vice President Elizabeth Chilton

B.S. Nursing, led by faculty assessment coordinator Anne Mason and past faculty assessment coordinator Janessa Graves. The program looked at students’ abilities to formulate nursing-practice decisions using the foundation of a liberal education and knowledge from nursing science, the biological and behavioral sciences, and the humanities. The assessment measured student progress throughout the curriculum toward competency on the National Council Licensure Examination. The undergraduate curriculum committee evaluated data from all semesters and course-exam data. It was determined that students struggle with some pharmacology and medical-surgical content. Based on this, faculty provided remediation, extra practice, and learning support to students in the senior year for pharmacology and medical-surgical content. The findings also guided a curricular revision, where faculty decided to level this content across three semesters instead of one.

Visit the ACE website more information on the recognitions and on undergraduate program assessment at WSU.