Student Ambassadors
The College of Nursing is committed to providing leadership opportunities and experiences for exceptional nursing students that enhance educational growth and career preparation.

The Student Ambassador program offers students these opportunities and recognizes emerging nurse leaders at the college. Students are encouraged to apply to the program and get involved.

Mission Statement

The Student Ambassadors are the leaders of the College of Nursing at Washington State University responsible for engaging K-12 students in the nursing profession, facilitating successful transitions with prospective students into our academic programs, mentoring current students to maximize their educational experience, and cultivating relationships with alumni and the community.

Selection Process

All Spokane J1 students are encouraged and eligible to apply to become one of the Ambassadors selected each semester to serve through graduation.  Applicants must:

  • Submit a completed application
  • Submit a recommendation letter from a faculty member
  • Complete a personal and/or group interview

Each application will be evaluated by a committee for interview selection.  The committee will consist of the coordinator of the Ambassador program, Jared Cramer, and at least one current S1 Ambassador.  Final selection will be determined following the interview(s).  The recruitment process prioritizes applicants’ skills, qualifications, and performance in the interview process for selection.  If more candidates meet or exceed the qualifications of the recruitment process than there are spots available, the committee will select Ambassadors that ensure diverse representation of student backgrounds, student demographics, team dynamics, and leadership skills.  This practice aligns with the College of Nursing’s value of social justice through embracing diversity and equity.


  • 3.0 grade point average
  • Knowledgeable about WSU College of Nursing consortium, its programs, and current nursing-related issues
  • High standard of integrity and dependability
  • Leadership ability with excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Willingness to fulfill duties established by the leadership of the College of Nursing as well as regular attendance at scheduled meetings of the group
  • A commitment of, on average, 20 hours each semester

Apply to Become an Ambassador

Applications for Ambassador positions are closed and will open in September for Spring selection.

Only first semester (J1) students are eligible to apply. Service begins at the end of your first semester (J1).

We encourage you to contact your Ambassador mentor to learn more about the program and opportunities that extend beyond mentoring J1 students and assisting with new student interviews.


What is the purpose of the College Of Nursing Student Ambassador Program?

The Student Ambassador Program represents the college and the student body with a positive presence in matters pertaining to public relations/communications, student recruitment, alumni and donor events, and donor stewardship and fundraising activities.

Who are the Student Ambassadors?

The student ambassadors are nursing students who demonstrate high standards of integrity and dependability and who represent culturally diverse backgrounds. They provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for guests at activities, college tours, and events. Ambassadors promote high academic standards and challenge negative attitudes and comments with positive solutions for the goodwill of the college, student body, and campus.

What duties are performed by Student Ambassadors?

Student ambassadors are entrusted with many responsibilities that prepare them for future leadership roles in their nursing careers including:

  • Serving as mentors to incoming nursing students
  • Traveling to local schools and colleges to introduce the College of Nursing to prospective students
  • Aiding the college in planning and staffing community projects/activities
  • Assisting in hosting visitors to the college that include alumni, donors, friends, government officials, corporate representatives, the media, international visitors, and prospective students
  • Serving as tour guides for the College of Nursing when needed

What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador?

  • Gaining leadership and management experiences
  • Strengthening communication skills in various venues
  • Interacting with people in the nursing profession and other healthcare-related fields
  • Networking to develop professional contacts that will serve them well when they begin their professional careers