Undergraduate Nursing Course Waiver/Substitution

Waiving / Substituting a Nursing Course

Per Academic Regulation 108, colleges and departments may substitute or waive college-level requirements for individual students. Students may request permission to waive a course if they can document successful completion of a similar course, including providing a course syllabus or course description if syllabus is unavailable.

The level lead, or instructor if there is no lead, of the semester in which the potentially waived course will occur will do the review. They will review the syllabus of the potential course to be assured student learning outcomes were adequately covered in the completed course. The Center for Student Excellence (CSE) will also confirm that waiving the course will not affect graduation nor academic requirements.

Next, the Program Director or Associate Dean of Academic Affairs may/may not approve the waiver request based on initial review recommendation.

Policy TitleUndergraduate Nursing Course Waiver/Substitution
Policy Inception Date06/2022
Policy Applicable PartyCollege of Nursing Undergraduate Students
Date of Last Change06/2022
Responsible Party, Level I (to create and review)Center for Student Excellence
Responsible Party, Level II (to approve)CON Faculty
Responsible Party, Level III (to implement)Center for Student Excellence