DNP Specialty Track Transfer


  1. Student reaches out to staff coordinator to indicate interest in transfer. Student gives minimum of 3 months’ notice in advance of requested effective semester date.
  2. Staff coordinator creates a what-if progression plan if a transfer were to be approved.
    1. If applicable, include potential class substitutions due to previously taken WSU courses, or previously approved substitutions for the student’s current track.
  3. Staff coordinator sends what-if plan to the faculty lead of the track moving into, as well as Program Director, to review progression plan feasibility. They review potential substitutions as well.
  4. If determined to be academically feasible for student to progress after transfer, Program Director next reviews feasibility with Campus Director and campus clinical placement. If everyone agrees it is possible, Program Director notifies CSE Director.
  5. CSE director responds with approval and reaches out to student and staff coordinator for next steps.
  6. Nursing Admissions emails the student the following:
    1. A request for the name, email, and phone number of a current CON faculty member who can provide a reference.
    2. Kira Talent interview prep guide and a deadline for interview completion.
  7. Applicant completes the Kira Talent interview. The Kira Talent interview process is the same as incoming DNP applicants with some additional elements:
    1. One additional question related to the student’s rationale of the decision to change tracks.
    2. Any previous essay submissions remain. However, students may submit an updated application essay if they wish. The essay prompt is: In 500 words or less, describe a situation and reflect on how it changed your understanding of the social determinants of health and influenced your practice. Include a minimum of 2 scholarly citations in APA format to support your response.
  8. After applicant finishes Kira Talent interview, Nursing Admissions will send out written response and interview to faculty reviewers.
    1. Faculty leads of the tracks the student is moving from and into will review responses and interview.
  9. Nursing Admissions compiles all application and score information and sends to Program Director and GAP. GAP votes, with CSE Director in attendance.
  10. Once approved, CSE Director informs student and staff coordinator. Student is then able to change registration accordingly. Staff coordinator works with relevant parties if necessary to ensure program and plan is accurate. Nursing Admissions updates information on active student roster.

Request Summary Form

Policy TitleDNP Specialty Track Transfer
Policy Inception Date11/2022
Policy Applicable PartyCollege of Nursing Graduate Students
Date of Last Change03/2023
Responsible Party, Level I (to create and review)Center for Student Excellence
Responsible Party, Level II (to approve)CON Faculty & DNP Program Director
Responsible Party, Level III (to implement)Center for Student Excellence