DNP Return to Practicum Following Academic Gap


This process is for students who have been away from the program, creating an academic gap as they plan to return to their coursework. This includes gaps due to excused leave of absences.

  1. The expectation is that a minimum of 3 months prior to returning from leave, student emails learning plan (page 2) to DNP Program Director. This allows time for the student and DNP Program Director to meet prior to the start of the return semester.
  2. DNP Director connects with relevant campus clinical coordinator to update that student is confirming their return. This helps to facilitate clinical placement.
  3. DNP Program Director sets up a meeting with the student to review learning plan responses and confirm that student will adhere to all requirements and steps following that meeting.
  4. Following the meeting, DNP Program Director fills out summary (page 3). After the meeting, the student will engage with modules/recommendations from that meeting.
  5. During the first week of courses upon the student’s official return, the student meets with the Program Director, academic coordinator, and faculty advisor for a synchronous clinical case review conference. The student is given several clinical case scenarios on the learning plan and will need to demonstrate application of knowledge as well as articulate decision making with rationale. 
  6. The clinical case review conference determines competency and ability to return on intended progression plan. Updates are made on the bottom of page 3.
    1. If the student is successful, they can return to their progression plan.
    1. If the student is unsuccessful, a remediation plan will be developed, including with a NURS 599 remediation course required enrollment.

Individualized Learning Plan

Policy TitleDNP Return to Practicum Following Academic Gap
Policy Inception Date01/2023
Policy Applicable PartyCollege of Nursing Graduate Students
Date of Last Change03/2023
Responsible Party, Level I (to create and review)Center for Student Excellence
Responsible Party, Level II (to approve)CON Faculty & DNP Program Director (Approved GAP 12/2022)
Responsible Party, Level III (to implement)Center for Student Excellence