Campus to Campus Transfer Procedure Policy

Students in the WSU College of Nursing apply are admitted to a single campus. The number of students admitted to each campus is based on the available “seats” for both didactic and clinical placements at that site. In the case of family need, health or other crises, students may seek to petition for transfer to another campus for completion of their studies. All efforts to manage the family or health need or other crises must be examined and exhausted at the student’s registered campus prior to initiation of a petition to transfer.

Transfers are allowed if the petition is meritorious, legitimate, approved by the Campus Director, and if there is an available slot for a transfer student. Transfer students considering a petition to transfer understand that requests for transfer are not automatically granted and that transferring may extend the student’s program of study beyond the published program length (depending upon clinical availability).

Transfer requests must be made no later than mid-term in the Spring term for Fall requests, and by the 2nd week of the Fall term for Spring term transfers.

Petition Process:

Prior to initiating a petition, a student must:

  • Be an enrolled student in good academic standing at the time of the petition. Students not in good academic standing (i.e., with failing midterm grades) must resolve that status via withdrawal or other means prior to petitioning for transfer.
  • Work with their academic advisor (undergraduate students) or academic coordinator (graduate students)AND the campus director to resolve the issue or crises using available College and community resources.

To initiate the petition:

  1. The student will meet with their academic advisor or coordinator to discuss health/family issues or other crises and what efforts have been made to resolve. The academic advisor or coordinator will discuss advisability and the process for transferring.
  2. Using their WSU email account, the student will document the request, including rationale and efforts to resolve, and how the transfer will help address the issue/crises. This email will go to the Campus Director for where the student wants to transfer TO, with the Director of the Center for Student Excellence cc-ed. The documentation may include letters of support from the student’s academic advisor or coordinator, faculty members, or others.
  3. The Campus Director and, if applicable, Program Director, will review the petition and student documentation to determine if the request can be accommodated.
    1. If the transfer is approved, the academic advisor or coordinator will work with the student on required processes, such as a campus change form.
    1. If the transfer is not approved, the student must meet with the academic advisor or coordinator to discuss progression options, which may include continuing at the present campus, requesting a leave of absence, or withdrawal from the program.
Policy TitleCampus to Campus Transfer Procedure Policy
Policy Inception Date06/2022
Policy Applicable PartyCollege of Nursing Graduate Students
Date of Last Change06/2022
Responsible Party, Level I (to create and review)Center for Student Excellence
Responsible Party, Level II (to approve)CON Faculty
Responsible Party, Level III (to implement)Center for Student Excellence