ATI Standardized Course Exams Policy

Pre-licensure BSN nursing program integrates the ATI (standardized exam) testing and remediation program in Pharmacology, fundamentals, Medical Surgical, Pediatrics, OB, and Psychiatric. Remediation is required for all students who score less than a level 2 on the practice exams. The ATI product provides the remediation activities recommended for individual students based on their testing report.

Accomplishment of each level of nursing education indicates that a certain level of competency is achieved. Measuring that competency is an important step in student progression and assessing curriculum. ATI content maps to our curriculum and learning outcomes and provides comprehensive analysis of its effectiveness. ATI products measure competency through “levels”, guide students in their preparation by providing remediation to achieve levels, and measure likelihood of success on NCLEX. ATI provides the NCLEX RN Licensure Prep Course for graduating senior students at the end of the semester.

ATI Testing

Students must complete ATI practice exams A and B by the date specified in their course syllabus. Students scoring less than a Level 2 on the practice exams should complete the required remediation activity provided. ATI testing and remediation will account for 15% or less of the total course grade with the preponderance of points for remediation activities.

ATI Benchmark Levels

Level 3Indicates the student has exceeded competency and is likely to exceed NCLEX-related content standards in this area.

Level 2 – Indicates the student has met competency and is likely to meet NCLEX-related content standards.

Level 1 – Indicates the student has not met competency and is unlikely to meet NCLEX-related content standards. Therefore, the student’s knowledge may be considered unsafe for adequate patient care. Remediation is required.

Below Level 1 – Indicates the student is far below competency in this content and will not meet NCLEX standards. Therefore, the student’s knowledge is considered unsafe for adequate patient care. Remediation is required.

Predictor Exam

On the Predictor Exam, students must achieve a minimum of 71.3%, which equates to a 90% likelihood of an NCLEX pass. Remediation activities will be completed by all students for Practice A assessment and is required for students who do not achieve 71.3% on the Practice B. In addition, students who do not achieve a 71.3% on the first predictor test in their senior year must complete and submit their remediation before completing their second attempt (retake) on the proctored predictor test.

All courses that administer standardized exams (ATI) will conduct remediation activities according to the remediation process below.

Remediation Process

  1. The remediation packet is generated by ATI and is specifically tailored to what the student missed on their practice or proctored exam as a focused review.
  2. Any student scoring less than a Level 1 should schedule an appointment with course faculty to discuss recommendations for further review.
  3. Students will be given a remediation guidance tool called an ALT form for every section of the exam they get wrong.
    1. There is no max to the number of ALT’s a student can receive.
    1. Based on ATI’s recommendation that students handwrite 3-5 ALTs, CON faculty will require students complete an ALT in up to three of their lowest scoring areas (approximately 1-2 hours of effort each).
    1. ALTs are not graded but provide ongoing support for remediation. Students must download their test report and submit the report to their course faculty. Course faculty will use this information to monitor remediation activities and confirm completion of successful remediation prior to deadline dates.
  4. Students will complete the proctored exam. Each student will have two tries at the proctored exam.
  5. If a student does not score a Level 2 on the first proctored exam, the student will be required to complete remediation prior to the second attempt.
Policy TitleATI Standardized Course Exams Policy
Policy Inception Date06/2022
Policy Applicable PartyCollege of Nursing Undergraduate Students
Date of Last Change07/2023
Responsible Party, Level I (to create and review)Center for Student Excellence
Responsible Party, Level II (to approve)CON Faculty
Responsible Party, Level III (to implement)Center for Student Excellence