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Washington State University

Faculty & Staff Travel

Before Travel

Please submit a travel request form at least 3 weeks prior to your trip. Enter all expected expenses you wish to be reimbursed for; contact Sally Hasher,, if you need per diem rates for meals or hotel, or reference the per diem rates for WA map to determine which daily meal rate will apply based on your destination.

No bookings may be confirmed before travel request is approved and a budget/project is assigned by your supervisor. A reimbursement limit may be assigned by your supervisor.

Purchase airline ticket using College CTA card, book online directly with the airlines only or contact Laurie Warren,, or Sylvia Merrill,, at Travel Leaders: 509-327-9585. You will need to provide the NC0 number that is assigned to your travel request. Do not purchase business or first-class airfare.
Car rental
If you wish to use a motor pool vehicle, call 8-6999 (#4 when you hear the recorded message) to contact Parking Services. You’ll need to provide the program, budget, and project number that will be used for the expenses. Refer to the motor pool website for rate schedule. WSU has a contract with Enterprise & National Car Rental. The contract number is 45WA000, pin: WAS. You’ll need to pay for the rental and fuel with personal funds and be reimbursed after your trip. Be sure to keep the rental car receipt showing proof of payment (zero balance due), and all fuel receipts.
Conference registration
Use of a college purchase card is allowed and recommended. Once your travel authorization is approved and signed, check out a PCard from Finance and provide a receipt of payment when you return it. Use of a personal credit card is allowed, but reimbursement is processed after travel is complete. Please submit a one page information sheet from the sponsoring organization about the conference or provide a meeting announcement/brochure. This could be copied from a website or other documents to be turned in with your travel request.
Hotel rooms
Please book and pay for your hotel room. Confirm with Finance the allowable hotel per diem for the area. This information is also available on the federal domestic per diem website. An original paid receipt showing your name and a zero balance due must be obtained from the hotel and submitted for reimbursement. Direct billing for lodging is not allowed for WSU staff or faculty (link BPPM 95.06).
Paid receipts
The original receipts are needed for everything but meals, including all ground transportation, parking, rental car and fuel, hotel, and miscellaneous expenses (current policy indicates all expenses over $50 and checked baggage fees). Reference travel rates at BPPM 95.19.
Direct deposit
A WSU employee may authorize Travel Services to deposit their travel reimbursement to their bank account. Reference BPPM 95.21 for direct-deposit request procedures or request online at myWSU or on the Travel Services website.

After Travel

Fill out a travel expense voucher (TEV). TEV must be submitted within 60 days of end of travel or your reimbursement will be subject to taxes. Attach all receipts and give to Sally in Finance. You will receive an email from Workday and will need to log into your account to sign the form for reimbursement.

Clinical Travel (Mileage Only)

Fill out a travel request form at the beginning of each semester, provide the class number on request. For dates of travel, enter the first and last days of semester. This is a ‘blanket request’ for the semester. Each month, complete and submit a mileage log listing the dates and mileage of each trip. Mileage begins and ends at the College of Nursing unless your home is closer to clinical site. You can claim parking fees if needed.

For additional information regarding travel, please reference WSU Travel Services’ FAQs.

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Sally Hasher
Sally Hasher
Fiscal Specialist