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Before You Apply

  1. First, prepare an updated professional curriculum vitae or resume.
  2. Next, secure three references who can provide letters of recommendation discussing your leadership, academic standards, and skills related to your primary interest area. It is recommended (but not required) that these references include a current or past nursing faculty member and two professionals from a work setting.
  3. Once you have your references, prepare a scholarly work submission.

Step 1.
Review Application Requirements

Application Requirements

  • A master’s degree from an accredited program 
  • A minimum GPA of 3.5 or higher in the master’s program
    • If you have mitigating circumstances that have affected your GPA, please contact us to discuss
  • For international applicants from countries where English is not the primary language, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required.
  • Official transcripts from all previous college work. Please note that if you wish to transfer in any coursework from another institution, your coursework will not be evaluated prior to admission. 
  • Proof of registered nurse (RN) licensure 
    • Please note that we will make special accommodations for international students 
  • Curriculum vitae or résumé
  • Scholarly Work Submission
  • 3 professional references
  • Successful completion of an interview (typically done via Zoom)

Required Documentation & Interview

  • Your NursingCAS application will require the following documents by uploading them into the application:
    • Updated professional CV/Resume
    • Copy of RN License (optional)
    • Applicants who have attended, but did not complete, a previous graduate nursing school/health-related profession school must also provide a contextual letter. That letter must be from that school, including a statement regarding the student’s standing and reason for non-completion at that previous school. The letter will get uploaded into Nursing CAS.
      • Applicants who have been previously dismissed from a program or who are not in good standing will not be considered for admission. Admission will not be considered for anyone who earned a “NC”, or ”C” in any two graduate nursing courses or a “D”, “F”, “WD” or “WF” in any graduate nursing course

You will also be asked for additional items, so we encourage you to assemble these in advance:

  • Determine three references willing to provide a recommendation for you
    • The reference will discuss your leadership, academic standards, and skills as they pertain to your primary interest area.
    • You will need to provide names and emails of your references on your application. We recommend (but do not require) your references include a current or past faculty member in a nursing program you attended and two professionals from a work setting (head nurse, provider, NP/PA etc.).
    • Your references will be contacted directly by CAS via email after you have saved their information to your application. Each reference will receive instructions for submitting their recommendation online. CAS requires you to add a Due Date for the reference, please make this due date within one week of adding them your application.
    • Please note: the reference is an online form only, there is not a place to submit a letter.
  • Prepare a scholarly work submission.

Step 2.
Begin NursingCAS Application

  • Review the application support documentation below. Additionally, we have tutorial videos that were made for our prelicensure BSN program. There are some exceptions to the graduate student process but it may prove helpful to see how CAS works.
  • Navigate to Nursing CAS at Select the term that you are applying for. Click apply to set up your account.
    • Check your junk mail and spam folder for the initial account confirmation to ensure that NursingCAS emails are safely going to your inbox. 
    • NursingCAS priority and final deadlines will vary depending the specialty track you apply for, so review in advance what your timeline will be.
  • You have two ways that you can find WSU applications that are currently available:
    • Once you have either created or signed in to a NursingCAS account you can use this link to view available programs.
    • Alternatively, Select “Add a Program.” Search for “Washington State University.” Select the appropriate PhD route (bach-PhD or PhD) that you are applying for. Depending on when you apply, there might be additional applications open for WSU, so it’s important you select the correct one so your application goes to the right place.
  • Once you’ve found the certificate(s) you’re looking for, click the blue ‘+’ to add them to your application.
    • If you wish to remove a program, you’ll do so from this list. Click the green checkmark next to the program and it will ask if you’d like to delete that program from your application.
  • The application fee is $80 and non-refundable.
  • Select the “My Application” tab to begin filling out your application  

Personal Information

  • Fill out all 7 sections. Make sure you click “save and continue” at the bottom of each section.
  • Ensure that your contact info is accurate – your email is what we use to contact you for issues and info.
  • This section is run by NursingCAS – anything that is optional you are welcome to skip without it affecting your application.

Academic History

  • Fill out all sections other than standardized test.
  • For Colleges Attended, click “add a college” and input every college you have ever attended. Complete the questions asked for each college you added. This section will likely take you the most time, though our tutorial videos has an overview to assist.
    • PLEASE NOTE: You must input every institution of higher education in which you have been enrolled AND provide a transcript for each. NursingCAS will reject your application if coursework from an unreported institution shows on a submitted transcript, or if a transcript for an attended institution is not submitted.
  • You will need to order official transcripts for every college/university you have attended, including for your undergraduate degree. We recommend ordering an electronic transcript if possible. If your school does not offer electronic transcripts through one of the 3 companies that NursingCAS uses, please follow the instructions for “Option 2: Order a Mailed Paper Transcript.”
  • For Transcript Entry, input every course exactly as it appears on that institution’s transcript. NursingCAS will reject an application if the transcript entry does not match the transcript.
  • We recommend pulling up an unofficial transcript so you can copy over the classes accurately.
    • Note: We do not recommend using the Professional Transcript Entry (PTE) function as it takes far too long and may delay your admission. If you do use the Professional Transcript Entry (PTE) paid feature, please allow a large amount of time for CAS to finish that process. If you are late on a deadline or miss something due to PTE the responsibility is still with you. After you receive notification from NursingCAS that the PTE is complete, you must log back into your application and approve the coursework entry before your application will be submitted.
    • Note: Do your best with the course subject drop-down. It will not cover every option possible, and as long as it is close enough we will know what you are going for. The same goes for freshman/sophomore class standings. Those are not reviewed. The prefix, title, grades, and credits sections are the most important to us.
  • Once you have completed the transcript entry, choose to review and finalize your transcripts.
  • Ensure that you accurately indicate repeated classes. Type out exactly what is on your transcript.
  • This section is the longest to fill out and often the most complicated. Do not hesitate to follow along on our video guide or reach out to if you have any questions.

Supporting Information

  • For the graduate programs we do not consider this as part of the review, so we recommend that you opt out of all 3 sections to save yourself time. However, if you are also applying to another school that needs these sections, it does not hurt you to have information in there. We will just not review it either way. To opt out, click the “I am NOT adding any achievements, experiences, or licensure/certification” button at the bottom of each respective section.
  • We will consider your experiences, but in the format of an uploaded resume/CV that you provide later in the application.

Program Materials

  • Review the home tab first, then fill out the remaining 3 tabs (Questions, Documents, References).
  • For Questions, thoroughly read through each and answer appropriately – if you answer yes to a question, and later it turns out you should have answered no, you risk ineligibility. We also have a variety of written prompts – you may type those into the provided section. Or, you may type those into another document and copy and paste them in, whichever you prefer.
  • For Documents, upload your CV/Resume. Also, if you have attended a previous graduate nursing school or another health-related profession school, but did not complete/graduate from there, you must upload a letter from that school that includes a statement regarding your standing at the previous school.
  • For References, add the contact information for 3 references. More information about the reference requirements please see the Required Documentation & Interview section above.

Submitting Your Application

  • Navigate to “Submit Application” on the top of the page and pay application fee.
    Note that the deadline time is 11:59pm EST of that date.
  • Wait – we will send updates via email, usually within 6-8 weeks of when the application closes.
  • Remember – Email us early on if you anticipate any issues.

Tips for submitting your application

  • Include an email address you check regularly. Most contact during the admissions process will be done via email. Failure to respond may jeopardize your chances for admission.
  • Make sure your official transcripts are received by NursingCAS by the deadline. Please note that a copy of a transcript from every college and/or university you have attended will be required.

Frequently Asked Questions