The scholarship application portal is closed. Students will be notified when the next application cycle opens. 

Please apply online for scholarships through the College of Nursing Scholarship portal. To access the application, use the “Sign In” button and log in using your WSU ID and password.

Hints to completing the online College of Nursing scholarship application: 

Please indicate your current intended major or area of study. We do offer a few scholarships specific to your major or program of study at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Please pay close attention to the essay questions: Be thoughtful and detailed in your responses. Our Scholarship committee will be reading each response and will take into consider effort and detail included in each response.

Complete the FAFSA.  A portion of our scholarships are based on financial need. One of the ways the Scholarship Committee will base that need is on the completion of FAFSA application and the information that it will provide. You can complete the FAFSA application at Additionally, the Committee will consider financial hardship through essay questions within the application. Please be thorough when addressing any financial need.

Please note, that while the College of Nursing scholarship application does provide assistance to students specifically within the College, the University has additional funding opportunities that may be available to you on an annual basis. These opportunities are available, both through the University Scholarship Application and through several vetted private foundations, corporations, and private donors. You can apply for University wide support and find a list of outside scholarship opportunities.

For more information on Scholarship Services and applying for scholarships, visit the Financial Aid website.