College of Nursing Scholarship FAQs

How do I access my WSU Financial Aid Summary (shows estimated financial aid budget, EFC, estimated need)?
To get a copy of this report, you must have filled out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to enrollment or for each new fiscal year you are in school.

  • Go to
  • Click File Online Now
  • Input your information
  • View processed information
  • Enter FAFSA PIN
  • Select Print Student Aid Report (SAR)

How do I access my WSU Financial Award Summary (shows grants, loans, and scholarships offered or received)?
To get a copy of this report, you must have filled out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to enrollment or for each new fiscal year you are in school.

  • Log into myWSU
  • Go to “My Student Center
  • Click on the “Finances” link
  • Select the most current aid year
  • Click “Print Award”

Who should I ask if I have questions about the scholarships or the application process?
Please contact the Center for Student Excellence staff at

Where do I find information about scholarship eligibility?
After you have completed your General Application, the system will automatically match you to all College of Nursing scholarships you are eligible for based on the information you provided in your application and your academic record.

When and how am I notified if I received a scholarship?
You will be notified through your WSU email address. Please verify your email when completing your scholarship application.

Do I get the scholarship funding directly?
No, scholarship funds are applied to your tuition and fees for the next semester.

What if I already have student aid?  Can I still get a scholarship?
Yes!  But you need to be aware that your financial aid status can be affected by the receipt of any College of Nursing scholarships. We have no control over this allocation.  If you discover that a nursing scholarship negatively impacts your financial aid, you may choose to decline the scholarship. The WSU Office of Financial Aid can provide more information.

Are all scholarships based on financial need?
Criteria for most scholarships include an element of financial need. Other considerations include leadership, commitment to the nursing profession, and academic merit. There are specific scholarships targeting individuals who demonstrate significant financial need but are not eligible for federal or state grants. In the essay portion of the general application, explain your need for scholarship support and please include any special circumstances that you would like the selection committee to be aware of.

Who makes the decisions about scholarship awards?
A committee comprising College of Nursing faculty, staff, and an alumni representative collaborates on the selection of the recipients.


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