Personal and Vocational Relationships

What is Personal and Vocational Relationships?
This 15-hour, self-directed course provides the nurse who has been educated as a Practical Nurse outside of the United States, or who has been recommended by the Department of Health, the opportunity to meet the Washington State requirement related to Personal and Vocational Relationships (PVR).
WAC 246-840 Chapters

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course the nurse will:

  • Locate for review the most current laws as they relate to nursing practice in Washington.
  • Define the difference between RCW’s and WAC’s in Washington state law.
  • Describe the requirements in Washington that must be met to be permitted to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse.
  • Describe the qualifications of the members of the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission (NCQAC) in Washington.
  • Identify professional groups regulated by the Uniform Disciplinary Act of Washington.
  • Identify violations of the Uniform Disciplinary Act that would require intervention by the State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission.
  • Apply the Scope of Practice, defined in the Washington Administrative Code, to the role of the Licensed Practical Nurse in different health care environments.
  • Differentiate between a dependent and an independent role of the Licensed Practical Nurse.

Successful Course Completion

Questions outlined in the study guide must be completed and each multiple-choice question must be answered. Each completed question (10) and each multiple-choice question (10) will be valued by 4% of the total 100% score. Course participants must achieve a score of >73% for successful completion of the course.

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate of completion will be issued to the participant. The Washington NCQAC will be notified by email, and the participant will receive a copy of the certificate and a copy of the email notification sent to the nursing commission.


Please register for this course using the registration portal located on the website for PVR. Learners will provide: Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and make a credit card payment of $150.00. No refunds are distributed once the PVR packet is emailed to the learner.

Course Instructions

After you are registered, you will receive an email containing the packet of information and the assignments. The directions are as follows:

  • The opening pages of the packet will direct you to the Washington Legislature website, which covers the WACs and RCWs for LPN’s.
  • For the first section and assignment:
    • a. Review the website for how to navigate.
    • b. Answer the questions (you may cut and paste) and provide the location where you found the answer (copy the link and paste into the packet, this is the most direct way to complete this section).
  • The second section:
    • a. Read the article on The Scope of Practice of the LPN.
    • b. There are NO questions to answer; however, you must read the article, and this information will be important when testing.
  • The third section:
    • a. Contains a 10-question multiple-choice test
    • b. Highlight the correct answer
  • Once you have completed the work:
    • a. Email the completed PVR packet and evaluation to the Office of Professional Development.
    • b. Email address and instructions are located in the opening pages of the packet. The learner information page must be completed in full to receive credit/certificate for the PVR course.
  • The certificate will be emailed to you and the state, once it is graded. (within one week of receipt)


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