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Washington State University

RN-Master of Nursing

If you’re an RN with a bachelor’s degree in any field, you can pursue a Master of Nursing degree while still maintaining your other life commitments. Master’s-prepared nurses are in high demand in management, administration, education, research, policy, and consulting. Full- and part-time programs of study are available. This program is offered at all College of Nursing sites.

Prior to applying to the graduate school and selecting a master’s track option, you will be advised on the completion of the following two courses, which will help bridge your current bachelor’s degree to graduate-level course work in nursing.

  • NURS 360 Contemporary Nursing (3 credits)
  • NURS 440 Community Health Nursing Concepts (3 credits)

Review our Steps to Apply page for a list of admission requirements.

Nursing Leadership, Nursing Education, and Public Health graduate certificates available for additional credits.

If you attend full-time, you can expect to finish the program in approximately 2 years. If you attend part-time, you will likely complete the program in 3-3.5 years.