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Washington State University

Ordering and Purchasing

For all general supplies, goods, and services, please complete a purchase request form.

17A purchases
Complete Justification Statement on purchase request form and acquire the appropriate signature.
Food purchases
Include request to serve food form and record of planned attendees with purchase request form prior to purchase and event date. Finance will work with you to ensure adherence to the guidelines required for food purchases.
Gift cards
Include exception request for gift card with purchase request form signed by PI or requester. All gift card purchases must be documented with a template containing receipt full name, WSU ID if available or address, date awarded, card value, and signature. Responsible PI is required to supply Finance with identifier list that corresponds to template on a monthly basis.
Software purchases
Finance will collaborate with IT on all software purchases, renewals, and upgrades. Please complete a nursing help desk ticket for assistance in determining need, then submit a purchase request form to Finance.
Office supplies
Desktop ordering is available with Office Depot. Register online (link) for approval and access. All orders are routed to an administrator in Finance and forwarded to Office Depot each Thursday. Delivery is generally on Friday.
Grant purchases
Acquire PI signature on purchase request form.
Contracts and agreements
Please contact Cathy Engel at or 509-324-7213.

An auto-receipt confirmation email will be sent. If you are not contacted within 2 business days, your order has been placed or will be placed on the scheduled ordering day. Finance reserves the right to source the exact item from the appropriate vendor. You will be contacted to discuss any product changes prior to order placement.

Office Depot: Weekly on Thursday
Amazon: Weekly on Thursday
Business cards: Weekly on Thursday

Commonly purchased office supplies are stocked. Complete a stocked office supplies form and place in the tray located by the fax machine in the workroom. Finance will fill and deliver these orders weekly on Tuesday and Friday. If you need an item sooner than the next order schedule, please contact Finance.

Requests for purchases and services on campus will result in an IRI made payable to the WSU department providing the product or service. Please include a copy of their invoice or any other documentation with a purchase request form.

Parking passes: Complete a purchase request form and email to Please include the date pass is needed, quantity, name of event or meeting, and budget. An electronic parking code will be emailed to you within 1-2 business days.

Contact Finance prior to making any work-related purchases with personal funds.

All purchases require an itemized receipt as supporting documentation. In the event a receipt is lost, complete a receipt affidavit form and forward to Finance.

Finance staff will check purchases received by freight carrier against the packing slip and deliver them to your department. A copy of the packing slip will be included if requested prior in writing.

Please direct all problems or concerns with orders immediately to Finance. Please let us help you by dealing with the vendor to assure a resolution. Returns and warranty exchanges require notification of Finance.

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Sally Hasher
Sally Hasher
Fiscal Specialist