Sim Junior Manikins in WSU College of Nursing Center for Experiential Learning

Center for Experiential Learning

The WSU College of Nursing is proud to be a national leader in using simulation as a learning tool.

All undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and some graduate students take part in clinical simulations using sophisticated mannequins and actors called standardized patients. Simulation provides a lifelike health care environment where students can apply their clinical skills, practice teamwork and communication, and get experience in high-risk procedures in a safe setting.

In 2021, the college’s simulation program took another step forward with a new name, additional technologies like simulated electronic records, and a new focus on simulation scenarios that more closely reflect the diversity of the world nursing students will enter.

“Our graduates have told us how much they use what they learned in simulation once they’re on the job as nurses.”

Dawn DePriest, Director of the Center for Experiential Learning