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Course Work

Post-Baccalaureate DNP – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Course Work

The list of courses below is for students who enter the DNP program with a bachelor’s degree. If you are a post-master’s DNP student, refer to the Post-Master’s DNP-PMHNP Course Work page for a complete list of required courses.

View the Course Catalog for course descriptions.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
NURS 501Psychiatric Assessment, Diagnosis and Management of Children and Adolescents3
NURS 502Psychiatric Assessment, Diagnosis and Management of Adults and Geriatrics3
NURS 503Scientific Inquiry in Nursing2
NURS 504Evidence-Based Practice3
NURS 505Analytical Foundations for Practice Inquiry3
NURS 518Translating Evidence into Advanced Practice3
NURS 530Theory of Psychopharmacology from a Neurobiological Basis3
NURS 544Therapeutic Modalities I: Introduction in therapies3
NURS 545Therapeutic Modalities II: Specialization in therapy3
NURS 547*Introduction to Therapeutic Modalities in Practice (120 hrs)3 (2 practicum - minimum 120 clinic hours; 1 seminar)
NURS 553*Practicum in Organizational Systems and Leadership3 (minimum of 120 DNP practicum hours)
NURS 554Epidemiology and Biostatistics for Advanced Practice3
NURS 555*PMHNP Practicum I 3 (minimum 180 clinic hours)
NURS 557*Concepts of Practice Transformation3 (minimum of 120 DNP practicum hours)
NURS 558*DNP Project I: Data Collection and Program Design3 (minimum of 120 DNP practicum hours)
NURS 559*DNP Project II: Implementation, Evaluation, Dissemination3 (minimum of 120 DNP practicum hours)
NURS 560*PMHNP Practicum II3 (minimum 180 clinic hours)
NURS 562Advanced Health Assessment and Differential Diagnosis3
NURS 563Advanced Pharmacology Concepts and Practice3
NURS 565Information Management for Clinical Practice3
NURS 576Organizational Systems and Leadership3
NURS 581Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology3
NURS 582*PMHNP Internship3 (minimum 180 clinic hours)
NURS 584Healthcare Law and Policy3
NURS 591Mixed Methods for Program Planning, Implementation and Outcome Evaluation3
Total Credits & Hours74
(660 hours PMHNP specialty, 480 hours DNP general)

*Practicum courses require the completion of pre-approved experience with a preceptor who is an organizational leader and who has completed a master’s degree in nursing or a related field

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