Performance Evaluation

Student Evaluation

Preceptors serve as role models, mentors, directly supervise students in clinical sites and work closely with nursing faculty in facilitating student success. An important element of ensuring student success is evaluation of student progress. Preceptors and clinical-evaluator faculty will adhere to the CON policies regarding clinical-evaluator faculty and preceptor roles in the student evaluation process. Although WSU faculty retains responsibility for the final evaluation of the student, the preceptor provides information that is vital to the evaluation process.

Electronic links to the appropriate evaluation tools in E*value will be sent to the preceptors via e-mail. Preceptors complete a mid-term and final evaluation of the student. If needed, the preceptor should seek clarification about the evaluation process with the clinical evaluator faculty or course faculty.

Population Health Evaluations

Clinical evaluations are course dependent (see Appendix 2B) and are based on multiple activities: participation in student/faculty seminars, written papers, a self- reflection journal, log entries in E*Value, project or negotiated clinical activities and a clinical performance evaluation. Clinical faculty will determine if you will receive a satisfactory grade in consultation with the preceptor(s) and course faculty. Forms for evaluation by faculty, preceptors, and students are available in E*Value. You must pass both the didactic and the practicum/clinical components of a course in order to earn a passing grade in the course.

FNP and PMHNP Evaluations

The Clinical Faculty Evaluator will evaluate clinical skills and documentation that you complete in the practicum setting and will submit their evaluation of your work to the course faculty throughout the semester. As stated elsewhere, you must earn a passing grade in the practicum/clinical experience to earn a passing grade in the course.

You will be evaluated on your ability to competently complete a comprehensive and/or focused assessment, select appropriate differential diagnoses, and develop treatment plans for patients. You will be expected to select medications, order appropriate cost-effective diagnostic testing, successful completion of a minimum number of clinical documentation notes (SOAP notes and/or comprehensive evaluations), consult with your preceptor and other providers, and develop self- management and follow-up plans with clients.

Clinical faculty evaluators complete the scoring of the evaluation in consultation with preceptor(s), it is submitted into E*value for course faculty to review and ensure the overall score meets the minimum threshold for passing the evaluation based on the semester level you are enrolled in (1, 2, 3 or 4th semester). If it is determined that you are not meeting minimum competency level score for the term in which you are enrolled, you will have additional on-site evaluation(s) scheduled. You may be assigned additional clinical hours to allow for further experience and evaluation. Lab-based remediation may also be assigned. Students must have a passing clinical evaluation for the term before they can be given a passing grade for the clinical course. All forms for evaluation by faculty, preceptors, and students are available in E*Value.

No grade will be submitted (you will not receive a passing grade in the course) until you have completed all required clinical documentation in the E*Value system.

Clinical Evaluator Responsibilities

The clinical evaluator faculty maintains the ultimate responsibility for the student’s clinical experience in a specific course. Responsibilities for faculty who are providing either direct or indirect supervision of students in the clinical setting will vary by course. The course syllabus details specific requirements and evaluation criteria for successful student performance. In addition, courses may have specific guidelines describing clinical faculty responsibilities for a course and faculty is expected to comply with those guidelines.

Student and Preceptor Contact

Frequent contact with the student and preceptor in the clinical setting is necessary for the supervising faculty to understand how the student is performing. Frequent contact also facilitates early intervention when a student’s performance is not at the level expected for that course. In the end, clinical faculty evaluate the student using their own assessment data and input from the preceptors.


The clinical evaluator faculty will maintain contact with the student and preceptor at times other than the site visit and will be available by phone on the day’s students are in the clinical site. Should a scheduling conflict or emergency arise that results in the clinical evaluator being unavailable to students or preceptors, it is the responsibility of the clinical evaluator faculty to make arrangements with another member for coverage and to notify the Program Coordinator of the change.

Site Visit Evaluation

Clinical Evaluator Faculty will observe you while you provide direct patient care at your clinical/practicum site for each of the clinical/practicum courses. It is your responsibility to arrange site visit evaluations with your evaluator early in the semester. Each site visit will last 1 – 4 hours. You may be required to schedule the evaluation visit at a time other than your usual scheduled time with a preceptor. That is, you may need to change your work or personal schedule to arrange the required site visit. Failure to arrange a site visit for evaluation may result in the assignment of a failing grade in the practicum/clinical portion of the course. During the visit the faculty evaluator will observe you providing care, presenting to your preceptor, and interacting with patients, family members, and staff. The faculty evaluator will also consult with your preceptor about your progress and may review clinical documentation (chart notes) that you have completed. You must earn a passing grade in all site visits. If you do not earn a passing grade in a site visit, an additional site visit may be required. If you do not earn a passing grade in two successive site visits, you will receive a failing grade in the course. It is your responsibility to arrange for additional visits as required.

Policy TitlePerformance Evaluation
Policy Inception Date06/2022
Policy Applicable PartyCollege of Nursing Graduate Students
Date of Last Change06/2022
Responsible Party, Level I (to create and review)Center for Student Excellence
Responsible Party, Level II (to approve)CON Faculty & DNP Program Director
Responsible Party, Level III (to implement)Center for Student Excellence