PhD New Student Requirements

Students must meet all PhD requirements and submit all training, licensure, and certification information as separate documents to the PhD Academic Coordinator before you can register for classes. Send materials to Tami Kelley at

WSU requires proof of COVID vaccination for students system-wide with limited exemptions for medical or religious reasons. If an exemption is approved, the student can participate in educational activities within WSU so long as they follow all health and safety requirements (e.g., masking, social distancing, etc.) subject to their accommodation. However, even with an approved exemption/accommodation from WSU, students may still need to obtain approval from a clinical training site to engage in a clinical experience at that site per the Governor’s and Department of Health Mandate.  Clinical training sites may deny an unvaccinated student’s request for an exemption, which may impact their progression in the program.  Clinical training sites that have approved exemptions previously may discontinue exemptions in the future at their own will.

Background Checks-National Certification (RCW 43.43)

Background Check Instructions

  • Go to:
  • Click on Package Selection
  • Click on the + by Please Select to expand the window to the list of campus options
  • Select the Campus where you are admitted
  • Select the program you are in – Graduates
  • Then select the correct option for you – for Spokane this would be “WM96bg: Click here to get your background check”.
  • Read the info on the next page that pops up.
  • Click on the “I have read this information” box.
  • WSP, OIG and GSA screens are also included in the national background check.

Documentation: Email documentation of official results to Academic Coordinator.

Background Check- International Students

International students must provide a copy of their valid passport and U.S. visa to the Academic Coordinator. This will serve as your background check for your first year of school. Prior to starting your second year of school, you will need to complete the National Background Check through Castlebranch, which includes the WSP, OIG and GSA screens.

Documentation: Email documentation of official results to Academic Coordinator.


Current WA State or out-of-state RN license(s) Per WAC 246-840-523 is required. Please email a copy of your license to the Academic Coordinator.

Required Forms

Criminal History Disclosure Form

Student Authorization to Release Records Form

  • Requirement: Signed student release of information, which allows WSU to send student records to clinical agencies to facilitate clinical placement and onboarding
  • Documentation: Email completed copy to Academic Coordinator.

Student Authorization to Release Records Form

Student Media Release

  • Requirement: Completed media release form. Students are not required to give their permission, but are required to complete the form indicating preference.
  • Documentation: Email completed copy to Academic Coordinator.


CITI Basic Human Subjects

  • Requirement: CITI Basic Human Subjects Training – Social and Behavioral Research or Biomedical Research is completed upon admission by all PhD and DNP students. CITI Basic Human Subjects Training Instructions
  • Documentation: Email completion certificate to Academic Coordinator.

CITI Responsible Conduct of Research/Conflict of Interest