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Washington State University

DNP Student Projects

A hallmark of the DNP-prepared nurse is the ability to utilize the concept of practice inquiry to translate meaningful health research into practice. Students learn this process through the completion of a final DNP project. Students investigate an area of nursing practice, the health care delivery system, or a health care policy issue to develop a project meaningful to the organization as well as one that meets the scope of doctoral level work. DNP projects may take the form of quality improvement initiatives, practice change programs, program evaluation or translating evidence into practice. See examples of DNP student projects below.

2020 Graduates

Angie Bailey
Interprofessional Dedicated Education Unit as a Strategy to Reduce Communication Related Errors: A Program Evaluation

Alicia Carter
Reducing Length of Stay on an Acute Geropsychiatric Unit: A Quality Improvement Project

Minh-Chau Dang
Evaluating the Nurse (RN) Mobility Assessment Tool to Improve Patient Mobility Outcomes in an Acute Care Unit: A Program Evaluation

Ashley Davis
Deprescribing Proton Pump Inhibitors in a Gastroenterology Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project

Alyssa Egland
Implementation and Evaluation of a Fall Prevention Program in an Acute Care Setting:A Quality Improvement Project

Jacqueline Flowers
Implementing an Intraosseous Vascular Access Program for Emergency DepartmentRegistered Nurses: A Quality Improvement Project

Tera Giles
Implementing Code Sepsis in Acute Care at Northwest Hospital: A Quality Improvement Project

Laura Haney
Implementation and Evaluation of the SPRC Toolkit to Reduce the Risk of Suicide Among Patients at a Student Health Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project

Fidel Hernandez Jr.
An Evaluation of a Transition of a Care Intervention at a Federally Qualified Health Center: A Program Evaluation

Cheryl Jennett
Evaluation of the Human Performance Cell Intervention Program and Follow-Up

Moira Kapeen
Evaluating a Team-Based Approach to Lowering Hemoglobin A1c in the Diabetic Population in a Primary Care Setting

Jill Lawton
Implementing and Evaluating a Quality Improvement Project to Reduce Unnecessary Diagnostic Imaging in Urgent Care

Bryan Lebo
Implementation and Evaluation of a Family Initiated Rapid Response in a Rural Hospital:A Quality Improvement Project

Melissa Lee
Surgical Site Infection in Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Program Evaluation

Pam Martin
Outpatient Total Knee Replacement Arthroplasty: A Program Evaluation

Samwel Mbua
Reducing High Healthcare Utilization Among Individuals Affected by Negative Social Determinants of Health: A Program Evaluation

Kim Miker
Olympia Bupe Clinic, Implications for Treatment within Marginalized Populations: A Program Evaluation

Grace Mwangi
Enhancing the depression screening in cancer patients: A Quality Improvement Project

Diep Nguyen
Robotic Companion Animal Therapy: A Quality Improvement Project in a Veterans Affairs Hospice Unit

Gareth Penta
A Program Evaluation of a Southwest Washington National Alliance on Mental Illness: STRivE Program

Kim-Tien Pham
A Program Evaluation of Skin Assessment in a Progressive Care Unit

Jessica Shuell
Tobacco Use Screening in Outpatient Wound Care: A Quality Improvement Project

Jessica Small
Initiating A Falls Prevention Screening Program: A Quality Improvement Project

Carmen Snypp
Implementing and Evaluating an Educational Intervention for Open Heart Patients:A Quality Improvement Project

Alia Soulek
Implementation and Evaluation of a Fall Prevention Program at a Medical Center

Elizabeth Spokoiny
Anti-Inflammatory Diet: A Quality Improvement Practice Change for aNutritional Intervention for Chronic Pain Patients

Alisha Christine Sullivan
Implementation and Evaluation of a Depression Treatment Algorithm in a Volunteer Urgent Care Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project

Olga Tsytsyna
Improving Diabetes Self-Management in Older Russian/Slavic Immigrants: A Quality Improvement Project

Kaelin Vince-Cruz
Reducing 30-Day All-Cause Readmission of Heart Failure: A Quality Improvement Project

Mandi Wilcox
Standardizing Workflow for Infant Car Seat Challenges in Late Preterm and Low Birth Weight Infants: An Evidence-Based Practice Quality Improvement Project

Kelly Witbeck
Improving ED RNs’ Safety During AMA Discharge: A Quality Improvement Project

Rigoberto Zepeda
Identifying Patient Language Needs: A Standardized Process Implementation to Ensure Qualified Interpreters are used at Family Medicine of Yakima

2019 Graduates

2018 Graduates

Jackie Albi
Opioids and Provider Prescribing Practices: An Evidence Based Approach

Elina Berrantes
Fall Prevention in Home Health Patients

Annie Bixler
Identifying Postpartum Depression in Parents at Routine Well-Child Checks

Ebony Blackmon-Humphrey
Patient Centered Care and Spiritual Competence in Treating Severe and Persistent Mental Illness

Joleen Brisbois
Quality Improvement Project Phase 2: Improving Preventive Health at the Wellpinit Indian Health Clinic

Talia Buchsbaum
Focus on Transgender Care for new graduate providers in FQHC’s

Latoyia Butler
Improving Access To and Quality Care of the Adult Epilepsy Population through an Epilepsy RN Case Management and RN Visits Program: A Pilot Program

Kelsey Cibicki
Using Teach-back for Acute MI Education in a Rural Hospital Unit: A QI Project

David Colvin
Evaluation of Patient Handoff Practices in a Rural Hospital Setting

Nicholas Goodwin
Implementing Group Medical Visits in a Psychiatric Outpatient Setting to Improve Access to Evidence Based Care: A Quality Improvement Project

Yvonne Griffin
Improving postpartum glucose testing rates in women with gestational diabetes at Neighborcare Health: A quality improvement project

Tomoaki Honda
Implementing Pneumonia Clinical Practice Guidelines for Early Recognition and Treatment of Pneumonia in Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Patients

Jessica Hughes
The Chest Pain Project

Elnora Jimerson
Intervention to Reduce Provider Bias and Increase Awareness for Long Term Improvement in Health Outcomes in African American Patients

Elsee Larsen
Process Evaluation Project: Surveillance of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Metropolitan Jail

Roxanne McGray
Understanding the Impact of a Nurse Engagement Intervention in an Emergency Department

Phedra Moran
A Quality Improvement Project: Phase II in Implementing a Recycling Program

Jessica Pearl
Implementation of Evidence-based Hand Hygiene Measures to Prevent the Spread of Healthcare Associated Infections in the Correctional Setting

Tod Peterson
Evaluation of the NAMI Southwest Washington SEE ME program

Aaron Roberts
Program Evaluation: Agitation Management Protocol-Adult Psych ED

Shawta Sackett
Development and Implementation of a Rural Syringe Service Program

Shel Seaver
A Gap in Knowledge: The Development of a Group Therapy Training Program for Novice Therapists

Dana Severson
Using Health Information Technology for Preoperative Education at Virginia Mason Memorial: A Quality Improvement Pilot Program

Michael Smith
Dialysis Infection Prevention

Ashley Stroud
Reducing Provider Bias to Improve Health Outcomes for Obese Patients: A Quality Improvement Project

Katie Uberti
Readmission Risk Assessment: A Quality Improvement Project

Caitlyn Uhnak
RN Education and Implementation of a Decision-Making Model to Reduce Treatment of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in the Elderly

Sandy Walker
Benefits of Home Based Primary Care and Pre-Populated Electronic Health Record Screening Guidelines Phrases and Assessment Templates for Geriatric Patients

Megan Weese
Improving Accuracy of Medication Reconciliation in the Emergency Department: A Pilot Project with Pharmacy Students

Twila Worlock
Private Practice Development for Nurse Practitioners: A Practice Quality Improvement Project

2017 Graduates

2016 Projects

Jessica Almaguer
FNP Program
Concussion Management in Adolescents

Nicole Slack
FNP Program
Using Teach-Back Method to Improve Patient Satisfaction with New Medication Education on a Community Hospital Medical-Surgical Floor: An Evidence Based-Intervention