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Coug nurses in Yakima helping lead shift in mental health care

Two Coug nurses are at the forefront of a project to shift long-term care of mental illness away from Washington’s two state hospitals into smaller regional facilities.

Clay See, BSN ’12, and Amy Mallonee, BSN ’07, lead the inpatient psychiatric unit at Virginia Mason Memorial in Yakima, which is among the first in the state to participate in the new program. See is nurse manager for that unit, and Mallonee is assistant nurse manager.  » continue reading

Spokane campus updates for the faculty senate steering committee

From Senators Jo Ann Dotson, Naomi Lungstrom,  Janet Purath and Cory Risse

The Faculty Senate has created a new website that is much more user friendly.  One of the big changes is that you can now directly log constituent concerns on the website and you can view other active constituent concerns.  I was just told that after an initial review by senate, these concerns are going directly to the President’s office.  You can also comment on other active concerns and when they have been resolved, you can search them.  Please encourage your faculty to utilize this feature.


Army medics in training

Army National Guard trains combat medics at WSU in new partnership

A new partnership between the Washington Army National Guard 161st Infantry unit and the Washington State University College of Nursing brought 30 combat medics to the college for two days of training over the weekend.

Working in the College of Nursing’s simulation lab, groups of medics rotated between practicing skills like starting IVs, giving injections, and inserting Intraosseous catheters. Then they participated in a hands-on patient care scenario in a Battalion Aid Station setting, treating a wounded soldier who was in an IED blast and fire fight, treating gunshot wounds and shock brought about by severe blood or fluid loss.

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Give a staff member a thumbs up!

Would you like to recognize a staff member for their outstanding contributions to the College of Nursing? Consider giving them a thumbs up and posting it on the staff recognition board in the first floor work room (Spokane). Other campuses can highlight a staff member from any campus by emailing Nancy Oberst at

Zach Smith

Coug Nurse channeled schedule problem into tech startup NurseGrid

As a bedside nurse for six years, Zach Smith knew the frustration of keeping track of his ever-changing work schedule. He and his wife, a fellow graduate of the Washington State University College of Nursing, would text each other lists of their upcoming shifts.  

“It was really ineffective,” says Smith, BSN ’09.

So when a friend said he was thinking about building a free scheduling app just for nurses, Smith joined on as a founding member of NurseGrid. » More …