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Andrew Colburn with patient

Psych nurse practitioner degree will help student ‘serve the people who serve us’

As a nurse and commissioned officer of the U.S. Public Health Service, Andrew Colburn encountered veterans who were addicted to opioids, or had mental health conditions, or both. In many cases, the addiction was a result of treatment received for service-related injuries.
The experience changed his career trajectory, Colburn said.

He decided to pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree at the Washington State University College of Nursing, with the goal of becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner working with the military.

“I want to serve the people who serve us,” he said. » More …

Michael Smith

WSU nursing student’s action at City Gate might have saved a life

A Washington State University nursing student in Spokane got a glimpse of his future recently. 

Michael Smith had been getting clinical experience each week at City Gate, a shelter and ministry serving homeless and low-income clients.

On that day, “We had a little table set up, and we were doing blood pressure screenings and such,” Smith recalled.

He tested one man, whose blood sugar was in the 500s, well over the normal range of 80 to 130, and whose blood pressure was about 200/170 – again, well over the guideline of 120/80.

“This was way overboard, dangerous,” Smith said. “I thought, ‘We need to … » More …


WSU’s largest-ever DNP class improves healthcare in myriad ways

The WSU College of Nursing will graduate 33 Doctor of Nursing Practice students this spring, its largest-ever DNP class. 

Most of those 33 students will become family nurse practitioners, psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners, or will take on leadership roles in public health, public policy, or health care administration.

Before they graduate, however, they all had to complete a final project. They were tasked with investigating an area of nursing practice, a health care delivery system, or a policy issue, and using scientific evidence to improve practice or patient outcomes. » More …

Researchers: Complete WSU’s research needs assessment survey

This is an invitation to participate in a needs assessment survey about research data management on the Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane campus. The survey opens on Tuesday April 10 and closes at midnight on Friday, May 11.

Researchers and research support staff are asked to complete the survey. The results of this study will be used to better understand research data management practices and to design research data management support services to researchers on campus.

Participation in the study includes completing an anonymous survey about your research data management practices, attitudes, and needs. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to … » More …

Information on Final Grades

Final Grade Rosters:  Final grade rosters are available now – and they will be updated on the evening of Saturday, April 28, based on enrollment changes that have happened in the last two weeks (to include students who have been added to class sections).  Please add any student by last day of instruction so that the final grade roster is up to date.
Navigation to Final Grade Roster:  Faculty should go to Faculty Center, then choose the My Schedule tab.  This will present every course for grading.  TAs or others will need to find the Faculty Center by going to Main Menu > Self … » More …

Tullamore Diede defense

Research spotlight: Nurses are essential, yet they struggle within the health care system

Research spotlight: Tullamora Diede, “Professional identity in the lived experience of hospital nurses”

Nurses are the largest segment of the health-care workforce, and nursing is the most-trusted profession in America, according to annual polls. Yet studies have found that nurses feel disrespected and powerless in their profession, and nearly a third leave their job within the first year.  » More …