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Researchers: Complete WSU’s research needs assessment survey

This is an invitation to participate in a needs assessment survey about research data management on the Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane campus. The survey opens on Tuesday April 10 and closes at midnight on Friday, May 11.

Researchers and research support staff are asked to complete the survey. The results of this study will be used to better understand research data management practices and to design research data management support services to researchers on campus.

Participation in the study includes completing an anonymous survey about your research data management practices, attitudes, and needs. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to … » More …

Information on Final Grades

Final Grade Rosters:  Final grade rosters are available now – and they will be updated on the evening of Saturday, April 28, based on enrollment changes that have happened in the last two weeks (to include students who have been added to class sections).  Please add any student by last day of instruction so that the final grade roster is up to date.
Navigation to Final Grade Roster:  Faculty should go to Faculty Center, then choose the My Schedule tab.  This will present every course for grading.  TAs or others will need to find the Faculty Center by going to Main Menu > Self … » More …

Tullamore Diede defense

Research spotlight: Nurses are essential, yet they struggle within the health care system

Research spotlight: Tullamora Diede, “Professional identity in the lived experience of hospital nurses”

Nurses are the largest segment of the health-care workforce, and nursing is the most-trusted profession in America, according to annual polls. Yet studies have found that nurses feel disrespected and powerless in their profession, and nearly a third leave their job within the first year.  » More …

Rachel Gunning

Rachel Gunning: WSU alum, NICU nurse, card game inventor

Rachel Gunning has been a NICU nurse in Spokane for three years. Now she has a Kickstarter campaign to launch a card game.

The first thing isn’t the cause of the second. It’s not like she’s disillusioned with nursing.

But the card game may make her a better nurse.

Gunning, a 2014 WSU College of Nursing graduate, explained: “I love my nursing job. But you have to fill your cup on your days off so you can give the very best care possible to your patients.”

The idea for the card game arose last summer. For nearly 50 years, her big, far-flung family has gathered … » More …

Bloomsday winners from the Wellness Camp on Tuesday

Congratulations to the following for winning College of Nursing shirts to wear during Bloomsday and/or free registration for Bloomsday this year!

Renae Richter – registration and shirt
Janet Purath – shirt
Brittni Jones – shirt
Tamara Kelley – shirt
Teresa Bigand – shirt

Please note:  There is 1 more shirt available. If you will be running in Bloomsday and want to wear a WSU College of Nurisng shirt to represent the college, contact Bethany Fruci: 509-358-7837 |


Suicide-awareness training intensely personal for WSU nursing students

Jessica Goodeill, left, and Teresa Kuhnkey, right, talked about suicide with 8th-graders at Deer Park Middle School. Photo by Sarah Schaub. 

Suicide was the subject when two WSU College of Nursing students visited an 8th-grade class in Deer Park recently. 

“I have a daughter in 8th grade,” nursing student Jessica Goodeill told the class. “She was having suicidal thoughts, but luckily we were able to work through it.”

Teresa Kuhnkey said she wasn’t so lucky; her daughter, a high school student, attempted suicide. “She spent a little time in the hospital and she’s doing much better,” Kuhnkey told the class.

They had the 8th-graders’ attention. » More …

Students from Oroville and Tonasket, Washington, visited the WSU College of Nursing as part of the Upward Bound program.

Upward Bound brings Okanogan County students to the College of Nursing

Nursing student Jasmine Sharifi demonstrated how to peel open a sterile pack of swabs and flip them forward onto a mat.

“You’re trying to flip them into your sterile field without crossing over it,” she explained, adding, “the first time I did it they flew across the sterile field and hit my partner.” 

About 10 students from Oroville Middle-High School and Tonasket High School practiced the flipping technique with various objects, then worked with IVs – using golf tees instead of needles – during a visit to the WSU College of Nursing Tuesday. » More …