Reminder: two research studies seeking participants

Two College of Nursing research studies are seeking participants and would appreciate colleagues sharing with anyone who might fit the criteria needed: 

Nurses as Essential Partners in Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect
The purpose of the study is to understand what contributes to nurse knowledge and reporting of child abuse and neglect. This survey is for Registered Nurses educated in the US with a range of nursing educational backgrounds and professional roles and settings. Click here for full details.

The Breastfeeding Relationship Study 2022-23
The purpose of the study is to compare differences in the breastfeeding relationship and maternal emotions before and after mothers return to work, among three groups of mothers who plan to: (1) return to work outside of the home between 6-12 weeks, (2) return to work from home (e.g., telework) between 6-12 weeks, or (3) stay home full-time with their infants. The survey is for mothers who are 3-4 weeks postpartum, have started breastfeeding their child, and want to continue breastfeeding at least once a day regardless of whether they plan to return to work, among other criteria. Click here for full details.