Dr. Connie Nguyen-Truong offers DEI workshops

Associate Professor Connie K.Y. Nguyen-Truong, of the WSU College of Nursing in Vancouver, has designed and is offering three professional workshops on subjects related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She is collaborating on this initiative with WSU Vancouver Building a Community of Equity (BaCE), the College of Nursing DEI Advisory Council, and the College of Nursing Professional Development office. All workshops are open to faculty, students and staff at all WSU locations.

Understanding and Navigating Culturally Safe Dialogues and Cultural Humility: Reflection, Reflexivity, and Responsiveness 

About this session: This interactive session is designed to be a safe, brave, and welcoming space for BaCE participants to explore concepts of cultural safety, restorative justice, and cultural humility; shifting and shared power; and their relevancy in research and scholarship, teaching, service, and practice to advance health equity. BaCE participants will be provided with resources and encouraged to reflect, engage in reflexivity, and engage in culturally safe dialogues and cultural humility to facilitate empowerment. 

What Cultural Immersion Experiences and Sustainable Efforts Look Like and Feel Like in Community Partnerships: Pearls and Lessons Learned as a Journey 

About this session: In this interactive safe and brave community space, examples of pearls and lessons learned regarding cultural immersion experiences and sustainability in community partnerships will be presented to encourage reflection and conversations with BaCE participants. Examples will be shared such as bringing communities into classes and learners into community spaces and preventing dissolution of partnerships and their relevancy in research and scholarship, teaching, service, and practice to advance health equity. BaCE participants will be encouraged to reflect and share about weaving and navigating equity-minded strategies. 

A BaCE Synergy Session: A Journey of Aesthetic Expression through Diverse Responsive Engagement and a Gallery Walk of Reflection

About this session: In this safe and brave community space, BaCE participants are encouraged to attend and just be. In the Popular Education Model, also known as empowerment education, a tenet is that learning occurs using heads (cognitive), hearts (affective), and bodies (psychomotor). Participants will be encouraged to engage in social learning/artistic modalities/activities, share their aesthetic expression, reflect, and be in community with one another. Resources will be provided as examples on use of diverse modalities in engagement in research, scholarship, and teaching.