MFM Ultrasound Tech

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Good Shepherd Health Care System

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MFM Ultrasound Tech

Job Description
Sign On Bonus $10,000

Provide health care services, applying sonic energy to assist in diagnosis or treatment while performing ultrasonic imaging and related procedures for OB/GYN, with general US exposure if desired. Demonstrates anatomy for interpretation and/or intervention by, or at the request of a licensed practitioner and/or Maternal Fetal Medicine Perinatologist. Exercises professional judgment in performance of services and maintains a demeanor complementary to medical ethics. Applies appropriate patient care and recognizes patient conditions essential for successful completion of the procedure.


  • Performs diagnostic procedures; scans including but not limited to Detailed Anatomy, Multiples, Twin to Twin checks, and fetal dopplers.
  • Corroborates patient’s clinical history with procedure, assuring information is documented and available for use by a licensed practitioner.
  • Prepares patient for procedures; provides instructions to obtain desired results, gain cooperation, and minimize anxiety.
  • Selects and operates ultrasound equipment, and associated devices to achieve desired results.
  • Positions patient and equipment to best demonstrate anatomic area of interest, respecting patient ability and comfort.
  • Immobilizes patients as required for appropriate examination.
  • Determines ultrasonic frequencies and appropriate transducers for the anatomic area of interest.
  • Evaluates images for technical quality, assuring proper identification is recorded.
  • Verifies informed consent for, and assists a licensed practitioner with, interventional procedures.
  • Practices aseptic techniques as necessary.
  • Assumes responsibility for provision of physical and emotional needs of patients during procedures.
  • In agreement with state statute(s) and/or where institutional policy permits: prepares, identifies, and/or administers contrast media and/or medications as prescribed by a licensed practitioner.
  • Initiates basic life support action when necessary.
  • Maintains knowledge of and observes Universal precautions.
  • Provides patient education.
  • Assists in maintaining records, respecting confidentiality and established policy.
  • Assumes responsibility for assigned area and report equipment malfunction.
  • Provides input for equipment purchase and supply decisions.
  • Provides practical instruction for students and/or other health care professionals.
  • Participates in the department’s quality assessment and improvement plan. May be responsible for specific quality control duties in the assigned area.
  • May be responsible for control of inventory and purchase of supplies for the assigned area.
  • Understands and applies patient relations skills.
  • Pursues the appropriate continuing education needed to maintain license or certification.
  • Accomplishes other duties as assigned.


  • Graduate of Committee of Allied Health Education and Accreditation (CAHEA) accredited sonography program or equivalent.
  • Certification by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, or equivalent approved certification with current OB experience.
  • Licensed in the State of Oregon as Ultrasonographer or Radiologic Technologist/Sonographer.
  • MFM experience strongly encouraged, but not required.
  • Bilingual and/or English-Spanish speaking preferred. Ability to work with culturally diverse population.

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Hermiston, Oregon

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Kendra Petersen

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(541) 677-3453