ANEW Student Scholarship Opportunity

The WSU College of Nursing received an Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) grant from the Healthcare Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The HRSA ANEW grant aims to provide enhanced training to advanced practice nursing students to increase the number of Nurse Practitioners (NP) practicing in rural and underserved communities. A portion of the grant funding provides financial support to students who are interested in future clinical practice in rural or underserved areas. The ANEW scholarship is a one-time award of either $5,500 (part-time students) or $11,000 (full-time students). As we are in the final year of the current ANEW grant, we can accommodate a limited number of students.

You are eligible to apply for the ANEW scholarship if you are a Family NP and/or Psych-Mental Health NP student who will be starting their clinical placements in 2023 – for FNP students, NURS 513/514 and for PMHNP students, NURS 547. FNP ANEW recipients will receive their financial award during Spring semester 2023, while PMHNP ANEW scholar recipients will receive their financial award during Summer semester 2023. Students taking 9 or more credits (6 or more in summer) are considered full-time by the funding agency and will receive $11,000. Part-time students will receive $5,500.

FNP and PMHNP students will emailed with an invitation to apply on September 26th. The application will be due October 5th. If you have questions about the ANEW financial award in the meantime, please feel free to contact the ANEW grant coordinator, Olivia Brooks (