CON programs ranked by US News and World Report

U.S. News & World Report released its annual ranking of graduate school programs on Tuesday, including rankings of the WSU College of Nursing’s MN and DNP programs.

WSU’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program ranked 30th in the 2023 list, out of 158 programs included. It tied in that 30th-place ranking with George Washington University, the University of Arizona, and three other programs. The top-ranked DNP program was Johns Hopkins University, followed by Duke University and Rush University.

The WSU College of Nursing’s Master of Nursing program ranked 40th nationally, out of 199 programs reviewed. The top three programs in 2023 in MN were Johns Hopkins, Duke and Emory University.

Programs are ranked based on self-reported statistics and how top academics at ranked schools and professionals in the field view programs’ reputations.