Honors Thesis Presentations this week

Tuesday November 2

11:00 AM

Hannah O’Flanagan (Advisor: Julie Postma; Evaluator: Kay Olson)

“Technology as a Health Resource for Young Adults with Asthma, Related to Wildfire Smoke”

Zoom Link: https://wsu.zoom.us/j/98399658594?pwd=Z08xQjZqdU5RRk1MOWswVE45UHJXUT09

Friday November 5, 2021

12:00 PM

Paige Ruehl (Advisor: Janessa Graves, Evaluator: Sarah Griffith)

“Examining the Need of Lingually Appropriate Mental Health Services in the United States: A Specific Focus on American Indian and Alaska Native Populations”

Zoom Link: https://wsu.zoom.us/j/94239133231?pwd=cnRQODRCQk9MRUt6TkUrcS8yU0ZWZz09

1:00 PM

Kaitlyn Prudhon (Advisor: Tullamora Landis, Evaluator: Samantha Knapp)

“The Feasibility of Liberal Arts in Nursing School”

Zoom Link: https://wsu.zoom.us/j/91857331456?pwd=UzhzeEhycWZsL08yRWowbmtLY1ZJUT09

4:00 PM

Brynn Albright (Advisor: Janessa Graves, Evaluator: Sheila Hurst)

“The Impacts of Creative Journaling on Self-Reflection and Mindfulness”

Zoom Link: https://wsu.zoom.us/j/95095737250?pwd=QmxoWWU3bzRxUmJOSkdmYUh6VWIwQT09