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Washington State University

Your Preceptor Role is:

Expect the student to provide:

  • Student resume/CV
  • Goals for the semester – it is appropriate for the student to modify his or her goals if advised to do so by the preceptor
  • A copy of the syllabus for the clinical course they are taking

Your role in providing clinical supervision to the student could include the following:

  • Define goals/expectations of the clinical rotation
  • Observe as the student performs at least one or more complete and/or focused exams on each clinical day and the health education being disseminated to the patient/family
  • Validate the assessment findings and their recommended management plans
  • Ensure the pharmacological recommendations are appropriate considering drug interaction effects, dosage, polypharmacy, and ethnicity/gender/age.
  • Assist the student to develop expertise in establishing an appropriate differential diagnosis and in selecting the most appropriate diagnostic tests
  • Validate the student’s interpretation of diagnostic tests
  • Communicate with the student about successes and concerns
  • Complete and submit student evaluation at the completion of the rotation
  • Notify WSU of any concerns or problems

Preceptors Tools:

Kathryn Brault, a Family Nurse Practitioner in the Tri-Cities, is a preceptor for the WSU College of Nursing. She precepts students at her specialty clinic for diabetes patients in Richland, and at Grace Clinic, which provides free health care to people in need. Why does she do it?

“I love what I do, and I want other people to see how rewarding it can be.”