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Qualifications & Compensation

Preceptor Qualifications/Requirements

The following are required of all preceptors for the WSU College  of Nursing:

  • Practice as an ARNP, DO, or MD
  • Hold an unencumbered, active license for the state in which clinical rotations will occur
  • Have at least 2 years of experience in the area in which the student will be precepted
  • Provide documentation of licensure and national certification

Expectations of Preceptors

  • Collaborate with students to structure the learning experience
  • May only work with one student in the clinical setting on a given day (1:1 ratio during clinical hours) and students should not be utilized as additional staff/clinician
  • Actively engage with student
  • Assess student learning and progression, and recognize when the student is having difficulty
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and differential diagnostic process, stimulate same in students by asking questions
  • Articulate expectations clearly and provide clear feedback
  • Serve as a role model and resource

Preceptor Compensation

The WSU College of Nursing is thankful for our preceptors, who share their clinical skills and knowledge as well as their valuable professional time with our students. Precepting nurse practitioner students can be one activity towards your own recertification and we are happy to provide a letter or sign a verification form for this activity. Additionally, each spring we host a Preceptor Recognition Event (in Spokane and in Vancouver) providing 1-2 free CE units and spending time with all of you. We are unable to provide any compensation or honorarium for your services.

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Sue Neal, Executive Director of Battle Ground Healthcare near Vancouver, is a preceptor for RN-BSN and MN students. Battle Ground is a nonprofit, faith-based clinic that provides free medical and dental care to low-income residents of Clark County, an important part of community health in that area.

“I just continually think, wow, what great nurses are coming out of WSU.”

Washington State University