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Washington State University

Letter from our DNP Director

Anne Mason

Dr. Anne Mason
DNP Program Director

Thank you for generously offering to precept a WSU student. The clinical rotation will range from 60-180 hours of direct care per semester. The WSU College of Nursing faculty truly values our health care partners and the invaluable role they play in preparing our students for advanced practice.

The WSU College of Nursing has developed this web portal to provide comprehensive support to our preceptors. I have provided some additional guidelines below to help you in your role as a preceptor.

The student will need to complete the required hours within the semester time frame. The scheduling of those hours is flexible and usually determined by the preceptor meeting with the student and deciding upon a mutually agreeable schedule. This is to be determined early before the semester begins, and a calendar will be shared with the clinical faculty.

Before starting their rotation, the student should provide the following to their preceptor:

  • Student resume/CV
  • Goals for the semester – it is appropriate for the student to modify his or her goals if advised to do so by the preceptor
  • A copy of the syllabus for the clinical course they are taking

During the time spent with you in your practice, under your supervision, the student is expected to demonstrate assessing, diagnosing, managing, and educating clients across the lifespan about their health problems as well as about health promotion and self-care activities. These clinical experiences are intended to be “hands-on” learning opportunities. Your role in providing clinical supervision to the student could include the following:

  • Define goals/expectations of the clinical rotation
  • Observe as the student performs at least one or more complete and/or focused exams on each clinical day and the health education being disseminated to the patient/family
  • Validate the assessment findings and their recommended management plans
  • Ensure the pharmacological recommendations are appropriate considering drug interaction effects, dosage, polypharmacy, and ethnicity/gender/age.
  • Assist the student to develop expertise in establishing an appropriate differential diagnosis and in selecting the most appropriate diagnostic tests
  • Validate the student’s interpretation of diagnostic tests
  • Communicate with the student about successes and concerns
  • Notify WSU of any concerns or problems (see contact information below)

Students will be logging their clinical hours as well as HIPPA-compliant client encounters, diagnoses and procedures in E*Value, the clinical placement data management system used by WSU College of Nursing graduate students. All entries are to be completed within 48 hours of clinical exposure and are to be maintained on an ongoing basis until the rotation is completed. The student’s Clinical Faculty will review and approve those entries. As a preceptor, you will not be responsible for these tasks.

While the student is working with you, a WSU-employed nurse practitioner Clinical Evaluator will visit the student for a Clinical Site Evaluation. During this visit the Clinical Evaluator would like to view the student as he/she engages with clients. Additionally, if time allows, a brief visit with the preceptor is desired. During the preceptor visit, please provide information regarding student progress toward meeting course and personal objectives. The student will provide you with the name and contact information for the Clinical Evaluator. At the end of the rotation, you will be asked to complete an evaluation of the student. You will receive an email notification requesting that you complete this evaluation and instructions will be included in the email.

At the end of the semester, we will send you a verification of preceptor hours to use for recertification or annual review needs.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. We sincerely thank you for your contributions to the education of nurse practitioner students and for your support of the WSU College of Nursing.


Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, Doctorate of Nursing Practice Program | 509.324.7253

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