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Benefits of Precepting for WSU College of Nursing

Precepting nurse practitioner students is an exceptional opportunity to pay forward the extraordinary work of your own preceptors.

By mentoring a student you are enhancing their learning experience, participating in the preparedness of your future colleagues, recognizing the importance of advanced practice nurses, and contributing to the quality of healthcare in the region.

Precepting also yields the benefits of long-term observation of a potential employee in the clinical setting, and offering an opportunity to recruit a high quality student who will need minimal orientation/onboarding at the time of hire. This, combined with avoiding a costly and lengthy job posting process, minimizes staffing shortages, streamlines processes, and represents a significant cost savings for organizations. It has been found that new providers choose to apply to positions in settings where they’ve had clinical experiences as students, so your partnership with the College could strengthen your future provider workforce.

Additional benefits you may be interested in include College of Nursing practice transformation projects and research initiatives that may benefit your practice and contribute to your strategic goals or mission. Precepting is a way to learn about these initiatives through engagement with our faculty and students and connecting your passion for improving healthcare with groundbreaking research.

If you are interested in developing this strong relationship with WSU, here are other benefits you may receive:

  • Letter or signed verification form to count precepting activities towards your recertification requirements
  • Participation in our spring Preceptor Recognition Event (in Spokane and in Vancouver) providing 1-2 free CE units
  • Opportunity to apply for adjunct faculty status (nonpaid) with the following benefits:
  • Library privileges: 30,000 journal subscriptions, access to Up-to-Date
  • WSU ID card with privileges: library privileges, riding the Pullman transit buses
  • Access to WSU study and research facilities
  • Campus parking privileges (fee)
  • Access to computing facilities or services
  • Opportunity to apply to be a Clinical Evaluator (paid)

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Interested in being a preceptor or clinical evaluator and obtaining Adjunct Faculty status? Contact us.

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