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Washington State University

Benefits of Precepting for WSU College of Nursing

Precepting Nursing and Nurse Practitioner students is an exceptional opportunity to pay forward the extraordinary work of your own preceptors.  Teaching reinforces and strengthens our understanding of a given topic and this has real world benefit for your patients and their families.  As a preceptor and mentor, you play a critical role in the educational experience of WSU’s students, helping to shape the next generation of nurses and advanced practice nurses while contributing to the quality of healthcare in the region.

Precepting can also benefit healthcare practices and organizations within the community by affording long-term observation of a potential employee in the clinical setting.  Having the opportunity to recruit a high quality student who will require limited orientation and onboarding can help contain costs, minimize staffing shortages and improve access for patients to high quality medical care.

Finally, you or your healthcare organization may be interested in and benefit from ongoing College of Nursing research initiatives and practice transformation projects.  These projects may contribute to your overall mission and strategic goals further improving the healthcare delivery in the local community

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