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Dean Joyce Griffin-Sobel

Welcome from Dean
Joyce Griffin-Sobel


Welcome to the WSU College of Nursing. As a land grant university, we take great pride in graduating the most RNs in the state. Our first-rate faculty provide individualized attention in person and online to ensure our graduates continue to be highly sought by employers across the state and nation.

This is a critical moment in health care. The U.S. health care system has been ranked last among high-income countries while we continue to spend much more on our health care than those other countries. There are inequities in health care access for disadvantaged populations, including in Washington, which limits early diagnosis or prevention of serious disease. Strengthening primary care is essential to improving access to care and decreasing health disparities.

Nursing is the key to resolving this crisis.

Our emphasis on prevention, patient education, community engagement and primary care makes us uniquely qualified to lead the innovation required to tackle this challenge.

WSU nurses are leaders in addressing health disparities, mental health, management of chronic disease, and substance abuse. Whether you are looking to pursue or advance your nursing career, or if you are interested in joining our talented interdisciplinary faculty, the WSU College of Nursing is the destination of choice.

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