Student Nurse Leaders

Student Nursing Leaders (SNL) is the official organization to ensure BSN student representation and active participation in the affairs of the college. All BSN students enrolled at the College of Nursing Spokane are encouraged to participate.

Supporting the SNL organization helps to provide the following:

  • Free tutoring: available to BSN College of Nursing students
  • Steps to Success: student-led group tutoring in pathophysiology/pharmacology, health assessment, and other courses
  • Social events: hockey games, trampoline events, movie nights, laser tag, BBQs, and bingo nights for students
  • MUV Fitness: reduced membership cost
  • SNL meetings: Board of Directors and student body meetings every month are open to all students

Lisa Stecher serves asthe SNL advisor.

SNL Form

  • Please note: the shirts are unisex cotton blend.