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Accounts Payable

Payment is made either from a vendor’s submitted invoice, by PCard, or WSU invoice voucher. On-campus payments are paid using an interdepartmental requisition invoice (IRI). Only WSU staff and faculty are eligible for a cash advance.

Vendor Invoice

Invoices are processed for payment once proof of delivery is received. Accounts Payable requires that invoices include the budget to be charged, object and sub-object, and authorized signature.


Purchases paid by PCard require an itemized receipt from the vendor showing payment has been made. If the purchase was physically received, a packing list is also necessary. The documentation for all PCard purchases—with the PCard’s last 4 digits, budget, and object/sub-object included—is maintained by Finance for reconciliation purposes.

Invoice Voucher

Payment to vendors and research participants and payments for student stipends, honorariums, presenter fees, etc., can be done by Finance using a WSU invoice voucher. A WSU ID number, social security number, or tax ID number is required to process for payment. Finance will need a current mailing address, description of the purchase or type of payment, budget, object/sub-object, amount, and date (if applicable). Finance will route the completed WSU invoice voucher to the vendor for signature prior to sending to accounts payable for processing of payment. Employees are reimbursed for pre-approved expenses they make personally for supplies, food, etc., with a WSU invoice voucher. Send original receipts with a Purchase Request form to Finance. Finance will route a completed WSU invoice voucher to the employee for signature prior to sending to accounts payable for processing of payment.


On-campus purchases or services are paid using an IRI. Please contact Finance for assistance.

Cash Advance

A cash advance is a specific sum of cash issued to WSU staff or faculty to purchase goods or services that cannot be purchased using usual WSU procedures. Most commonly, cash advances are requested by principal investigators (PI) for participant incentives. For additional information on cash advances, please reference BPPM 40.21.1 (link). To request a cash advance, complete the Cash Advance Request form and submit to Finance for processing.

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Sally Hasher
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